Do I have to pound my fist on the table?!

Started by richar', Aug 02, 2005, 09:17 PM

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It's it about the money Sports Fans......
They don't give a rats about our kids...
We must turn the the cost to the taxpayer back on those who cry Cost!!!Yes it is a cost to the taxpayer - But they---- CSE is not telling it like it is.
WAKE UP- please. The Target to get to 42/666 is the
federal re-enbursement program! Take the money the US taxpayer spends to keep errant public workers in jobs and turn it into money non-custodial parents could ulitize to get good jobs.......
Hummmmm What A concept.

There is a grand contest..,

No, A battle is underway between the States with the spoils to be a tainted pot of gold at the end of their "Deadbeat Rainbow".

The Term - Federal Reimbursement Incentive Program: $500,000,000.00 money the states win proportionately to their, "Performance", in collecting child support monies. This Includes arreages and interest. In some states alimony awards are pumped into the equation in order to artificially inflate totals

Michigan County Prosecutor Chases Child Support Payments

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The Truth Continues.....
rightsRadio - And The Truth Continues...


Louisville, KY (Jefferson County) got in on the act too.  They published a full page ad with the top 1000 CS deadbeat parents Sunday.  They ran several days advance coverage of the ad to see who would pay up in order to aviod being published.  Since the ad ran, a lot of the folks have been "turned in."
Some of the coverage quoted Jeffery Leving, a Chicago lawyer who lobbies for fathers seeking custody and visitation rights, heads the state-appointed Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood.
"I've never seen a list of deadbeat moms who don't allow visitation," he said, adding that the U.S. child-support enforcement system is "gender biased."

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