Bob Casey for US Senate? Maybe not....

Started by contrarymary, Nov 09, 2005, 12:00 PM

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Okay, I have to get this out in the open.  I loathe Rick Santorum (R- PA).  IMHO, hs is the personification of smary.  I thought I'd be willing to vote for anyone, as long as it wasn't him.

After visiting Bob Casey's website, I'm not so sure.

Bob Casey has led the fight to improve the quality of child care in Pennsylvania and make it more affordable for low-income working mothers.   And his performance audits helped save money for our schools.   He will continue to fight for our children and for public education as a U.S. Senator.

Bob Casey also successfully fought to protect children from sex offenders.   His investigation into compliance with Pennsylvania's Megan's Law led to passage of tough new legislation in 2004 that requires information about all convicted sex offenders to be posted on the Internet.   In Washington, Bob Casey will continue to protect our children and to give law enforcement the tools they need to fight crime.

So I made an impromptu call to his office.  I told the young  man who answered the phone right from the start that I had some unusual concerns, and that I might take him by surprise.  Then I launched into a rather ineloquent diatribe, delineating all that's wrong with posting names of sex offenders on the internet, then proceeded to talk about VAWA, and that men are abused as well - what is Casey going to do for them?

I actually felt sorry for the man.  I kept telling him it was okay, my call was unusual, I didn't expect him to have any answers, but that it  just wasn't right to ignore men's issues.  I told him that feminists had plenty of money for their "cause" but the men's rights activists did not have a lot of money, but their issues are just as critical -  if not more so.  I added that they probably didn't have a lot of money because they were paying out exhorbitant child support - at least that elicited a response from him. He laughed.  I also told him that the teenage boys who work for me have told me on more than one occassion that they are sometimes afraid to say anything to the girls - they are afraid of being accused of sexual harrassment.  I don't know why I brought that up - but that was the other statement of mine that elicited a response.  "Yes", he stated quietly, "it can be like that."

He did offer to have someone phone or email me - someone who would be better able to address my concerns.  I know I really caught him off guard.

Maybe someone else in PA can phone as well?
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