The Witches of Liberia.

Started by richard ford, Aug 08, 2005, 02:05 PM

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richard ford

The Witches of Liberia. Copyright Richard Ford

Witches have become a feminist issue. The so called historians of the women's studies departments (theorise first, research later) tell us that burning witches was just one more way for the evil patriarchs to generally oppress women because they possess wisdom that we just cannot grasp or deal with.

I have no particular love of religious extremists of any kind so I accepted this version of events like most people. I imagined some religious fanatic directing a pogrom chiefly for religious reasons, but possibly because he could not deal with his own sexual interest in women.

Some time ago I went out with a Liberian woman who had attended a real which trial in which a number of women were clubbed and bayoneted to death. She believed the women were guilty and I told her I disagreed. I could tell she was a little hurt by this but she made it a point of honour always to agree with me so we could not discuss it properly. She would address me as 'Sir' or occasionally as 'Master' so you can see our relationship was not particularly politically correct. I questioned her a little and found that the women of her village lived in fear- not of men as the feminists would have us believe- but of older women who would claim that they could change their shape into those of animals and bring about misfortune.

I also dated a Jamaican woman who encountered an aggressive chicken outside her home. She chased the chicken away and was later approached by one of her old female neighbours who told her not to shoo her away when they meet on the road. My Jamaican date seemed to have accepted that her neighbour could become a chicken without question. Actually, becoming a stray chicken is about the most dangerous thing anyone could do in Jamaica as anyone who has eaten the local food will tell you.

What this tells me is that the women who were burnt at the stake were probably not innocent victims but con women who overplayed their hands. It is true that they did not deserve to die, but I no longer believe they were entirely innocent. The feminists are not particularly interested in protecting women such as these- their accusers are usually women anyway. The feminists are simply interested in finding another bad thing men are alleged to have done.


I'm sorry but-what women burned at the stake? Where?


I don't think it's so much that they hate men as a way to get attention. I think they're cutting their own throats.      April 10, 2005
Feminist frauds
In a devastating blow to the feminist myth that "women don't lie about rape", a prominent feminist leader in the US has been caught lying about rape.

In November, Desiree Nall, told Winter Park police that she was raped by two men in a Rollins College bathroom.
"The college was on high alert and the neighborhood was in confusion because there was a lot of fear," Winter Park police spokesman Wayne Farrell said.

Investigators told WKMG-TV that Nall confessed to making up the story.

Nall is the president of the Brevard Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Local 6 News reported. Police said she may have been trying to make a statement when she lied about the rape.

Meanwhile in Sweden, the Muffia are messing up as well.

Feminist party founder accused of benefits fraud
Sweden's new feminist party, Feminist Initiative, has hit its first snag. For the last five years one of its founders and most active participants has been claiming sickness benefit for being "burnt out".

Expressen ... asked the hardcore feminist if she really didn't notice a 100,000 kronor increase in income.

"No, my husband deals with the tax declaration," she replied.

So much for the idea of strong, independent women taking responsibility for their own lives. The other good news is that the Feminazi Party has the potential to split the left-wing vote.

Posted by EvilPundit at April 10, 2005 02:19 PM | TrackBack

Does any doubt remain as to whether feminists are actually as malicious to women as they are to men? This liar made university a place of needless fear & hysteria for female students, and demonized male students. After all these years the psychopaths are being exposed and caught in their lies- about time.

Posted by J.P. at April 10, 2005 02:54 PM [permalink]
"a prominent feminist leader in the US has been caught lying about rape."

You know what's really interesting? I have to find out what's going on in my own country on an Australian's blog.

Why isn't this being trumpeted across the media? Where's the outrage, the intensive scrutiny, the issue-derived "discussion"?

Where's the non-stop, in your face, can't get away from it, 24 hour a day coverage? Why isn't this news getting the same treatment her original fabrication did?
ife is  like a  box of  chocolates,  you   never  know  what  you're  going to get.

Forrest  Gump.
If women are womyn and girls are grrls. are humans humyn and persons persyn? Maybe male person are persons and female persons are pergrrls.              

Mater Domina

I'm sorry, there is no justification for killing man or woman for any reason unless they were murdering people themselves which was not the case here.  The women that were deemed witches were usually social undesirables and burning them was one tactic used to keep women in their place similair to lynchings. It usually is the older women or other women that does the most harm to women because they were conditioned by male dominance for so long that they are threatned by a younger women that might take their position without paying the dues.  Really thats the thing that hinders sisterhood, always plotting, scheming and competing with eachother.  I think its more of an age thing because men do this too, rather then realizing that they were once young as well they often go with tradition rather then pure logic.
f you loved yourself truely, you would love your brothers and sisters just as earnestly.


Wow... You are a jewel aren't you MD.  Once again, the women did it but it was because men forced em..... wow.

Oh, and of course there had to be the race comment in your post somewhere... "similar to lynchings"......

Again, I say... wow.

The Man On The Street is on the street for a reason.......
It's not illegal to be male.....yet.


I've had this thought many times over the last year. How often I hear women state that another women who did something really evil was not guilty because it was a MAN that made her do it. (think Andrea Yates, Susan Smith,and recently the S.F. woman who drowned her three children)

This is driving me crazy and I need to put a stop to it.

When a man does a bad thing (think rape, murder) we want to kill him or lock him up. A woman does it and she usually gets probation or reduced sentence.

Again man = bad, woman=good.

This double standard is driving me nuts!!!

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