The sexually dominat man.

Started by richard ford, Aug 09, 2005, 05:49 AM

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richard ford

The sexually dominant man by Richard Ford.

The sexually dominant man is romantic and seeks a woman's soul.

He is less interested in sex than the beauty of one human being submitting to another out of love and the desire to please.

The sexually dominant man loves strong women.

The submission of a strong woman is worth more to him than that of a weak one. The smallest submissive act from a strong women can fill his heart with joy and love so it seems that the whole universe joins with him in his pleasure. The involuntary submission of the weak fills him with disgust- where is the gift in a call girls submission? What possible touching of souls between giver and receiver can there be with someone who has no choice? The sexually dominant man loves strong women. The more equal she is to him in intellect the more beautiful and voluntary the gift of submission. This even applies to physique. For many years I would wonder why I was stricter with black women in bed than other races. I wondered if I were acting out some sort of racist fantasy by calling these women my slaves- I must admit that it bothered me a great deal. Eventually I realised it was their physical strength that turned me on. I preferred women with good muscle tone and strong arms because it made the control she gave me in bed more meaningful. If she were small then I would feel like a bully and there would be no gift. I am five foot ten but have slept with as many women who are bigger than me as those who are smaller- and been stricter with strong ones.

The sexually dominant man is a good friend to women.

Women feel comfortable in the company of dominant men they feel 'owned' by that person even if they are not in a relationship with him. This does not involve infantile play acting but the sexually dominant man will make her realise she is a valued friend and that she can rely upon him. He will also expect the same respect from her in return but this is usually reassuring to women. He will make it gently clear to her that he will not put up with some of the nonsense other men do and she will respect him more for this.

The sexually dominant man is faithful.

Once a man has the submission of a woman he no longer has anything left to prove. He can call his woman at any time of the day or night and tell her to have an orgasm. Her body will obey him and not her! She will reach orgasm even (perhaps especially) if she is doing everything in her power to prevent this. This excites her further as it is evidence of his control over her.

This is not to say that a dominant man only ever sleeps with one woman. Many submissive women are bisexual to a degree and want to bring another woman in to please her man. The beauty of this for a dominant man is not simply having another woman but the beautiful trust and submission the first woman has shown to him. He may well make love to another woman (with the approval of the first girl) but he will be looking into the eyes of  the first girl as he does so.  He will be experience a level of intimacy and love with his first girl as he enjoys his gift that can hardly be described.

The sexually dominant man is careful of feelings.

To dominate a woman one must first enter her mind. This is his first playground and he must be sensitive to what he finds there. She will not open to him if she cannot trust him with secrets.

In other words the sexually dominant man is very much like the neutered 'new man' the feminists think they want but do not.

They are lost because they think they are safer with weak or submissive men when they are safest with strong dominant men. It is weak- not strong men who mistreat women. Feminists are describing the characteristics of sexually dominant men every time they open their mouths to tell us how useless men are.

They just have not realised it yet. Heh heh heh....

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