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Started by antimisandry, Aug 09, 2005, 08:40 PM

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in her first paragraph she's asked Wendy to help her find women who 'feel strongly about women's rights and gender roles", and then happens to infer that she's spoken to lots of women who are sick of their husbands. I wrote my reply to this hag at

her email is, for anyone interested is:

[email protected]
ny man living in this feminized world has got to be tough to tolerate it.

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And Wendy has to weigh in:

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Yep. I don't agree with it, I don't think it is the main reality. But it probably reflects a certain segment of society. It probably relects a reality as much as does a show calling for men to testify about women who stomp all over their lives with high heels. I'm getting pretty goddamned fed up with the members on this BB who only express "anti-woman" sentiments. For those who want to promote men's rights, there may be a lesson here. Namely: it is possible to alienate women who *know* your cause is just by the sheer, brute weight and bash-mentality of unfair attacks on women qua women that occur day-after-day, post-after-post. It is possible to make women who are your friends turn away in self-defense against your friendship.


Well, any woman who feels strongly isn't going to turn away because men in the middle of probably the most horrific pain anyone could be subjected to - namely, being being legally raped out of the life of your children, largely by women, using feminazi tools from the feminazi playbook, and in the name of "The Defense of Womanhood and Motherhood".

Gee, and you wonder why such guys might tend to think women aren't their friends.

And if such women did, their stance was largely one of grandstanding, and not of real principle anyway.
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