Finding a reason for my blog to exist

Started by richard ford, Aug 09, 2005, 04:05 PM

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richard ford

Finding a reason to exist.

I have been aware for some time that my blog, has been struggling to find an audience.

Firstly, it is ugly.

Secondly, I use too many words.

Internet writing is all sound bites- short paragraphs and short words. It is more like a comic book than a novel because attention spans are shortening all the time.

I write as if I had a captive audience- slabs of words that say great things if only one had the patience to read them all.

This will have to change.

My ego demands an audience of thousands!!!

I will change the layout but first I must find my USP- Unique Selling Point.

What can I do that nobody else is doing?...apart from slabs of text two thousand words long?


I will promote male writers and male friendly writers.

Women have the Orange prize. Only women writers can win the Orange prize but this is never honestly stated. The reader is left with the impression the winner of the Orange prize has written the best book available and not just the best book by a woman.

This is not only fraudulent but cannot be justified. Why should one sex receive help and not the other? Why? No answer is ever given.

We are only men after all.

The invisible people. People without feelings or inner lives.

Half-men in other words. Living yet somehow already dead. We have all heard the song 'only women bleed' and this has become official dogma. Only women hurt. Only women feel sad or lonely or tired. Only women have any right to express their pain because if a man feels pain he is a wimp.

How has this occurred?
One way is by making men invisible in our culture.

Do you see men talking about their lives on daytime TV? No.

Men are busy working.

Do you see the inner lives of men depicted in literature.


You read of men blowing things up or dieing but you learn nothing about the man himself. His fears, his sadness, his hopes.

The man himself has become invisible.

He is the one who works to keep the lights burning. He prints the books, he builds the TV sets, but never appears on them.

Man has lost himself. He labours so that women can be fully human, so that women can feel what he himself cannot. He is a lesser grade of being.

In Medieval Europe only the nobility had feelings, we are told (this is why we talk of noble feelings).

The serfs were too busy to be human beings.

Very little has changed. Where literature was about nobility now it is about women. Men act. Women feel.

We need a new literature that recognises that men do have inner lives. Even ordinary lives have moments of discovery. Men have second rate legal rights but we do not have second rate souls.

If you fancy yourself as a writer then please send your stuff to me. I will publish it under your name on the site. Reserve the copyright by putting the words 'Copyright my name' somewhere on the document and I will market the site to publishing companies.

Perhaps you will gain a contract.

Stranger things have happened.

Start writing your book today. It is easier to write knowing someone is waiting upon the next chapter and wants to know what happens next.

Just make a start.

TerryGale  LibertyUNH was posting just last week about increasing his blog.  

Think about whose blogs you enjoy reading and why.  Who is your target audience?  I assumed LibertyUNH wanted to increase readership with college age men.  Shorter posts and more pictures might be better to break the monotony.  The pictures you had, scrolling all the way down were good. Maybe a picture every couple of posts.


I've been to your blog a few times and you're correct to mention patience.  I enjoy your writing but haven't taken the time to really sit down and read much of it.  I like that fact that it's so long because it gives the impression of being well thought out, then delivers on that impression.

Perhaps you could outline your articles so readers could read a small section at a time?  Also, it may be wise to file your articles into categories so they don't get buried in the past as fast.

Terry's right, pictures are good.

I'm not sure what to think of the fiction writing idea.  Give it a go!


I would support the fiction idea. I am currently registered at and I'd recommend it highly if you want to get some male-positive fiction out to a large audience. Also, I would suggest paying for the enhanced account. There are a handfull of useful benefits to it; you get priority on ad requests (you can advertise your stories on the site to get extra exposure), and you get access to the "spotlight," which moves your stories to the front of the list periodically so you don't get drowned out by incoming stories. Oh, and you get a personal URL

Other than that, I'll share some of my fiction with you if you are intending to put it on your site. I believe my url for the site is


EDIT (adding another part in):

I like your articles; and I agree with TestSubject on categorizing your articles. That way a newbie happening upon your site would be able to find your articles.

It may also be worth looking at and to see how their sites are organized.

richard ford

Thank you for taking the time to advise me on my blog. The paragraphing I now use is an imitation of Angry Harry and Darren.

I am not completely sure of the fiction myself- I just wanted something different, a USP.

You are certainly right about the pictures.

I have the aim of contributing a million pounds to my chartable trust. Many people would like to know how I intend to make a million.


Quote from: "richard ford"
I have the aim of contributing a million pounds to my chartable trust. Many people would like to know how I intend to make a million.
There was a good one on "making money" on the 11 pm TV news tonight.  I'll post a link when the TV station sees fit to update, but reportedly while looking for drugs in an apartment complex, police found counterfeiting equipment and bills.  The man tried to claim he was "making wallpaper for son's room," but some bills were already cut and assembled with printing on both sides (You'd expect "wallpaper" to be in sheets and only printed on one side)...  Can you say "busted?" :D  :lol:

richard ford

I have edited my site a bit and think it is now more readable.

Thank you for your advice. My blog (according to Blogshares) is the 60th most popular gender blog they are aware of. (They are only aware of 71 of them.)

This motivates me to aim for 59.

richard ford

I will take up your generious offers as soon as I have completed my editing and pretyfying of my blog. It is quite astonishing how much difference it makes to the readability of the thing. I guess it will take about fivety hours in total. Then I will promote it.


How many unique visits do you get per day? If you tell me, (as a webmaster myself) I will suddenly feel like a total failure, but it would help to clarify.

Are blogs a golden key to increased traffic as compared to old-fashioned web sites?

It is a shame that people don't have the time to read all that you write, but you have to accept that.
Men's Movie Guide:   The Healing Tomb:

richard ford

Blogs seem to be 'it' at the moment. Partly because bloggers visit other blogs all the time.

I am not sure of my hits.

richard ford

Your own site is great.

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