NW0 coming to Canada, but at least they got a bit of warning

Started by SacredNaCl, Aug 20, 2005, 08:47 AM

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Bill would let police monitor your e-mail
Judge's permission would not be needed

Tim Naumetz
CanWest News Service

August 19, 2005

OTTAWA - The federal cabinet will review new legislation this fall that would give police and security agencies vast powers to begin surveillance of the Internet without court authority.

The new measures would allow law-enforcement agents to intercept personal e-mails, text messages and possibly even password-secure websites used for purchasing and financial transactions.

University of Ottawa professor Michael Geist, a law and privacy expert involved in consultations over the bill, said a draft version of the legislation circulated earlier this year did not require court authority for police to intercept communications or demand information from Internet servers.

"I think it's the kind of legislation that is literally going to shock millions of Canadians," said Geist.

reedom Is Merely Privilege Extended Unless Enjoyed By One & All.


Without even looking-

Which is it?
"For the children"or "For public saftey"
I'm also going to guess that there are no provisions for severe penalties
for abuse,  or misuse for personal gains, by those in Govt. who "suddenly"
find they have a pressing need for "right to know".

Strangely,  linux is looking better.


Don't know how they will market this one, this is just the advanced warning leak of the legislation.   I expect it will be under the "to keep us safe (from you...)".
reedom Is Merely Privilege Extended Unless Enjoyed By One & All.

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