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Started by richard ford, Aug 20, 2005, 12:58 PM

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richard ford

Another box filled. Copyright Richard Ford.

I have been carrying out an experiment these last few months that seems absurd much of the time- but is producing interesting data nevertheless.

I have been placing crystals in wooden tea boxes as quickly as I can drink the tea. This is supposed to have effects in the real world by a process of mental transference. This is of course an absurd thing to do- if only it did not keep on producing desired effects.

I dedicated a box to my website on the twelfth of this month. On the thirteenth my blog was re indexed by blogshares and showed no growth whatever. Furthermore my market share had declined. This seemed an initial failure but blogshares only updates every week or so. I did some work on the site and waited. These are the results.

7 July      1379.97

1 August 1379.97

9 August 1379.97

12 August start of experiment.

13 August 1379.97

18 August 1479.97

20 August 1616.12

The blogshares blog price calculator is an obscure and indirect way to measure site traffic. I have no idea how it is calculated and the price does not seem to be related to other data they supply. I use this indicator simply because I do not have traffic information. I can also compare my own effort to other blogs I admire.

As with all my other experiments there are alternative explanations. I have reorganised and tidied the site up a great deal.
My next experiment will be something that cannot be faked. I will aim to divert traffic to sites I do not control.

Raymond Cuttill

Perhaps you could divert brains to feminists?


Worth a try!
aymond Cuttill

United Equal Parenting Conference, London, June 17, 2006 -
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richard ford

Far too dangerious.

I prefer them stupid.

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