NY. KCBS-Newcaster tries to take Ex to Cleaners over C.S.

Started by richar', Aug 25, 2005, 10:13 PM

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The battle pits Former Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams against Shon Gables, a former Oklahoma City newscaster who now anchors the KCBS news in New York City.

She alleges the singer owes her for back child support.

"My ex-wife's allegations are simply that: 'allegations.' , Adams stated.

     But wait until you read more about Ms. Shon Gables.....

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Quote from: "Ms. Shon Gables"
"I tried to do my own hair and it fell out, leaving me with just an inch all over."

Why it works: "Both of my stylists have excell

Are you fuckin serious?
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While the quote about her hair care shows a "beauty queen" type personality (not surprising since she works in TV) who obviously can't wash her hair without it falling out but what does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Er, I mean back child support?

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