Elderly woman dies after shoving match

Started by neoteny, Aug 25, 2005, 11:44 PM

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Shirley Bartlett died on Aug. 9. She had been a resident at North Vancouver's Cedarview Lodge in a unit for people with Alzheimer's, other dementias and complex psychological disorders.

Confidentiality requirements prohibit the health authority and the seniors facility from divulging any information about the incident, including what happened or even the names or ages of those involved, Viviana Zanocco, a media relations officer with Vancouver Coastal Health, said yesterday.

However, accounts from three sources indicated that Ms. Bartlett, who is believed to have been in her 70s, and another woman became embroiled in a shoving match around 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 9.

They grabbed for each others' arms. Ms. Bartlett fell and banged her head. She died 14 hours later. The other woman, who has not been identified, was in the hospital for about seven days.

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Sad story.  Something similar happened at a facility for mentally retarded I worked at years ago between 2 men.

There's not a lot of information as to motivation here.  Just the staffing ratio.  Staffing ratio and overestimating/underestimating the abilities of the patient seems to be a factor here, just like it was where I worked.


no2fembots worked as an orderly for the Greater Victoria Regional Health Authority for 12 years.  Primarily with the elderly.  Violence amongst the 'gray-haired old dears' was common, even those fully in control of their faculites.  

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