Teachers: Worse than Catholics (paedophilia)

Started by antimisandry, Sep 20, 2005, 05:49 PM

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"Some experts point to what they see as a permissive attitude toward such relationships and a double standard because cases involving female teachers and male students are treated less severely," AP reported.

more: http://antifeminism.mathews.me.uk/teachersworsethancatholics.htm
ny man living in this feminized world has got to be tough to tolerate it.

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Quote from: "hereandthere"

it might be PC though. not sure.

it may well be, but:
Her husband Owen feels his ex-wife is a sexual predator. He has spoken out in the media as an advocate for children. Although personally hurt and embarrassed by his wife's behavior, he believes that if his actions prevent only one more child from being hurt, then he has accomplished something good from this sad and traumatic experience. After School studies the growing and disturbing trend of teachers having sexual relations with their students.

The first line there expresses a husband's feelings of a paedophile... usually (in my experience at least), men have more often than not sided - if only in moral support - with their wives who have done wrong doings. Perhaps we're watching the unfolding of a new wave of man, a man who will not sit idly by...
ny man living in this feminized world has got to be tough to tolerate it.

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it's hardly surprising that the media hasn't covered this issue. how would they address it without aggravating feminists?

along those lines: http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article1104694.ece


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