Hugo and Amanda Harsh on Men

Started by Mr. Bad, Sep 21, 2005, 01:35 PM

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Quote from: "ray"
look, he's a craven pussy, but not unclever

What's so clever about being craven & opportunist?


Aye, that's why I write on my site about them instead of writing on their sites about them.  Their antics get me traffic.   :lol:

So far they really don't like it, which is perfect!


Quote from: "Slaytan"
Quote from: "ray"
look, he's a craven pussy, but not unclever

What's so clever about being craven & opportunist?

Good point.  I see nothing clever about Hugo.  Well, that is except for his clever ability to concoct bullshit.


I decided to make a concession and give a response myself...

"The underlying assumption -- and it isn't always unique to men -- behind a line like that is that hard work isn't part and parcel of any enduring romantic and sexual relationship."

Incorrect.  The underlying assumption is that the quality of the relationship isn't proportional to the work the went into it.  In other words, the work doesn't pay.

Which brings me to a peeve of mine that I would like to mention.  You and Amanda and your kind all go on and on about what men are doing wrong, not doing, etc., but absolutely always fail to describe why I, as a man, should care.  I'm happy.  Apparently, as you seem to stress, women aren't.  That's not my problem.


I have been among the most vicious of the HugoBoy bashers...

Mainly because I don't believe that a so-called teacher who has self-admittedly seduced and screwed and exploited his female students...

could ever, ever, ever, demand my respect.

This man is permanently in one category: vampire vermin.

Confess to all the gods in your pull-down menu HB .... I'm not buying it.

Dress yourself up all you want HugoBoy. Love the posts about the marathons, training, body-obsessions.

I have no truth to be offered with Hugo.

You cannot speak honestly with this species.

They are always shucking and dodging.... it's their basic nature.

But I want to study Hugo further.

I believe he is an important specimen in the theoretical combat theatre of the men's right's movement.

You must know your enemies, and never dismiss them without full consideration.

You appreciate that it's a real W-A-R, yes?
It's a terrible thing ... living in fear." (Roy - hunted replicant. "Blade Runner.")

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