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Started by antimisandry, Oct 20, 2005, 08:01 PM

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SAN FRANCISCO -- A woman accused of dropping her three children to their deaths in the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay was arrested while pushing an empty stroller away from the pier and was jailed Thursday on suspicion of murder.

Lashaun Harris, 23, was taken into custody Wednesday night after someone saw her drop the youngsters from a 3-metre pier not far from Fishermen's Wharf, a major tourist spot.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the woman told authorities that voices had told her to throw her children in.

And 16-year-old Britney Fitzpatrick, who said she is the woman's half-sister, said Harris talked to herself and was diagnosed with schizophrenia this year.

"She told my mama she was going to feed them to the sharks," Britney said of the children. "No one thought it was that serious."

The body of Taronta Greely Jr., 2, was recovered late Wednesday near a yacht club, about two miles from the pier. The Coast Guard continued to search on Thursday for the other youngsters, Trayshaun, 6, and Joshua, 16 months.

"All of us are in shock," Mayor Gavin Newsom said.

"This is a senseless and unexplainable act that goes beyond the pale. Frankly, it makes you sick to your stomach."

Harris had been living with her children in a Salvation Army shelter in Oakland and had no criminal record in San Francisco, police said. She was jailed on suspicion of three counts of murder and three of assault.

"I just talked to her yesterday," Mary Ann Ramirez, the shelter's social services manager, told the Chronicle on Wednesday.

"We had our usual, `How are you doing, how's the kids?' I would never have guessed in a million years that today she would do that."

Asia Powell, who identified herself as Harris' cousin, told KPIX-TV that Harris was taking medication for a mental illness.

"I know that she would never hurt her kids," Powell said. "I know that."

Fitzpatrick and about a dozen other family members met at Pier 7 midday Thursday. They got out of a van and held hands and prayed.

Most declined to comment, but Avery Garrett, who identified himself as a family spokesman, told The Associated Press that Harris' family had previously tried to get her into a mental hospital, but the hospital refused to admit her.

"We knew the girl needed help," he said.

It was not immediately known whether Harris had an attorney.
The Canadian Press 2005
ny man living in this feminized world has got to be tough to tolerate it.

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I wonder if prosecutors will seek the death penalty.  If Scott Petersen can recieve the death penalty in a case based completely on circumstantial evidence, this woman should recieve the death penalty for killing three of her own children.

Mr. X

Reminds me of the two lesbians in Oregon who ran away together and, on I5 by the large bridge near the california/oregon border, tossed the lesbian's two children over the bridge. They were going to go to mexico but motorist saw them toss the kids over the edge.
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."


This killings by moms of their children are a regular occurence.

Is it that some number of these are inevitable in a country this large?
Or is it something more than a freak occurence that is going to happen?

Several thoughts. You almost never hear of a man doing something like this. Yes, he may barge into the house while he is a jealous rage and kill. He might even kill when being divorced or for some other reason angry. In other words, when a man kills children, it is almost always a rage. I simply don't recall a man coldly throwing children into the bay, allowing his car full of children to roll into the lake, etc.

Could it be that this is a result of abortion. Women are allowed to kill unborn babies so they somehow at least subconsciously feel it is OK to kill born children? Could it be a failure of deterence? Women know how easy it is get off a murder charge for them (or never even be charged)?

I know some supposedly are genuinely the result of mental illness (with true indications of mental illness present). However, in some instances, don't these women get away with calling it mental illness or stress or whatever rather than a crime? Eventually, doesn't deterence break down.

Of course, the same thing is true with husband killing by wives. That seems to be happening regularly also. My theory is that VAWA, etc. not only unjustly treats men -- it also leads to the death of men and children. Once an entire class of peopel is defined as "victims" regardless of what they really are (in some instances cold blooded killers), then that class of people really has little incentive to behave appropriately.

Many of you may too young to remember "The burning bed." In that case, the wife poured gasalone on her husband while he was sleeping and burned him alive. She was portrayed as the victim and justified in what she did. I was offended way back then (the 1970s I believe). Yes, the husband was portrayed as an abuser and I think fairly convincingly. However, whatever he did, he didn't kill her. She obviously could have escaped while he slept.

My point in telling this story is that the message has been for some time that it is OK and in fact heroic for women to kill their husbands. Who should be surprised that they listen to this message and do it? Perhaps, it is surprising that they don't do it more.

Although I have never heard the message that it is OK for women to kill their born children, it is certainly OK for them to kill unborn children. Who should be surprised that once the killing starts the permitted limits are exceeded? Many of these women who kill their children have probably already killed several unborn children. This fact would probably never come out in the open, but these women are desensitized to killing.

We have a sick society, and a sick society leads to sick behavior.

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