Woman given 12 years for sex assault

Started by blackmanx, Dec 19, 2005, 04:16 PM

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What  a world we  live  in.  I  found  this  article  that  shows  the changing  face  of  rapists  and sexual  abusers.  Forget  the  shady-looking  man  often  seen in the  movies,  prowling  after  women  and kids.  The  new  sexual  abuser  or  rapist  can  be  petite,  attractive  and  feminine.  Her   target  can  be  male  or  female.  Like  her  male  counterparts,  she  sometimes   has  a  squad  made  up of  members  of  her  own  gender  cheering  her  on  as  she  abuses  someone.

The  story  here.

y book, Men's Rights Activists.



12 years.
Kidnapping, felonious assault, rape.

3 years for the other four in the gang.

Well, you may want to repost this "quiet" little item somewhere that's likely
to be more of a sticky, at least add it to a list of "merely anecdotal" issues.

After all, it also involved the violence this woman was willing to commit, and the "allies" she was willing to amass with false allegation.

I wonder if she would be so willing to face this situation if she acted on her own morals rather that have other folk around to ""share the blame"

Clearly a self centered vengance assignment orchestrated by a bitterly desperate group matriarch.

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