Article: What is the MRM?

Started by Laboratory Mike, Dec 28, 2005, 12:40 PM

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Laboratory Mike

Dec 28, 2005, 12:40 PM Last Edit: Jul 15, 2011, 05:27 PM by Laboratory Mike


As you opened with "A frist draft" (YAY, someone else that typo-sins like I do!;)) I'm going to ASSUME you're looking for feedback. I have nothing to say about the ideas as (to me) they strive for a neutral ground. I can only see that attitude as above reproach.
Now, that being said, it is important to remember.........

From my perspective-
I believe  I understand what this paragraph is attempting to say but I find it to be awkwardly put.
Not all that call themselves MRAs would agree entirely.

For example, I DO discriminate amongst folk I associate or do bussiness with, it is not based on sexual, racial, or age considerations, however, "discrimination" is just one of those words that has come to evoke an ASSUMED negative association.

"aiding abusers" ? I aid drug and alcohol abusers all the time, however, I do not abet or enable them. I realise you address this in the second half of the paragraph, but I think that part may become invisable to anyone reading with predisposition to finding fault with ALL MRA/MRM/F4J folk once the statement "Neither are true." enters their brain.

I'm just suggesting some clarification or distinction may be in order.
You may also consider a "My position is...." or "But many in the MRM believe..." approach,so that a broader segment of folk might jump on board with this. Perhaps some strategic reorientation of sentances, without changing the content.

But for heavens sake, make a better effort at spelling than I'm known for;) I've just read a new book "Talk To The Hand" and now I'm all self conscious about it.

Laboratory Mike

You assumed correctly. I would like some feedback.

The misspellings occur mainly because I don't type my essays in Word, where the spell checker would help. I type it into my web design program, becuse I can look at the layout as I code. Unfortunately, I can't type as fast as I think up the words, so it gets jumbled. So I'll have to go back and check spelling.

On the discrimination bit, I agree with you. I inserted that phrase for the intended audience... most people don't know that discrimination can be a good thing if it is on the right grounds. Perhaps I can rewrite the first two sentences as "That being said, it is important to note that the antifeminist status of some MRM members does not make them 'anti-woman.' Instead, many members seek, as I said before, to restore peace in the intimate relationships between men and women." The idea is that I want to clearly state that MRAs do not fit the feminist stereotype of "anti-woman abuse supporters."

Outside of that I also wanted to ask the general question of "why are we MRAs?" What are the core objectives that we seek to accomplish? From watching the membes here I am picking up that, mainly, men want their masculinity respected, that male-female are being damamged by feminism and that the damage should be repaired, and that men desreve equal justice in the court system. Are there others? Are these all correct? I intend to direct many people to this essay, so I would like to make it representative.

edit: it also seems that the MRM is now three things, instead of just two as mentioned on the essay.


That was a great blog entry that deserves wider circulation. Keep up the good work! :D  :lol:

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