No Christmas This Year

Started by zarby, Dec 29, 2005, 12:26 AM

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edited because my comments also made Zarby's kids into pawns.

We agree there. Right now they are pawns of he mother and he may have to do the same to a small degree to end them being pawns of either parent and get them the help they need. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do for their better good later in life. No different than grounding them or etc. You don't like to do it and they sure don't like it but in the end it may be what you have to do.


I appreciate everybody's comments.

I looked up my bank account on line and saw the child support check had not been cashed yet. I called the child support section of the district clerk's office. They confirmed that the check had been received and then mailed out well before Christmas. I asked my new secretary to call my ex and ask whether she received the check. The answer was yes. My secretary made note how utterly cold my ex was to her.

I tried to ignore this situation for a day to calm down and think about it more rationally. I allowed my emotions to be expended on a client's case rather than my own. I ultimately decided it best to do nothing and act like nothing happened. I did a few things unrelated.

I had got my children cell phones. They were turned off because I refused to pay for all the downloads the kids had made. I told Sprint I agreed to purchase phone service not $300 worth of screen savers, ringers, games, etc. Sprint relented and tool the charges off the bill. The phones are back on. My daughter especially was thrilled about that. I also arranged guitar lessons for her. I spent some time with my oldest son discussing the repairs being made to the plane and the new vertical compass. It seemed best to me just to ignore the Christmas thing.

I did with my family provide them with some Christmas. I took them to my parents a few days before Christmas and they got presents there. I got them presents also. It is not like they had no Christmas at all. But there should have been something on Christmas day. She had them on Christmas day. There should have been something on Christmas day. Also, to the extent she may have blamed me, that was wrong.

I think there are some things as a practical matter you just can't do anything about. Even though it is wrong, it has to be ignored. I think this is one. Nobody seems to blame me for what is going on -- not the kids or anyone else that I know. I sure her circle of friends probably do.

I was criticized according to my son by my ex father in law. I had left the fish we caught on our deep sea fishing trip a few days ago with the boat. I figured somebody would make use of them. I am not much into gutting fish. In fact, I don't know how -- never done it. He apparently was kidding the kids about my not cooking a good meal with the fish. Well, if that is the only criticism I am getting even from my ex in-laws, I think I am doing pretty good. The better part of valor is probably to ignore this.

Venting though serves a real purpose, and I appreciate you'll listening.

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