What does an MRA look like?

Started by SouthernGuy, Jan 08, 2006, 10:52 PM

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Al, Al, Al. Can I call you Al?


Bock! Bock!



Zarby.. Good god, you two could pass for twins!!!

Great pics all, going to see if i can find some to post on here as well



I'm sorry.... I do have this inane ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong tine.... :-)

Sure, you can call me Al, as can anyone here.  I consider all here my brothers & sisters and as such, can use my first name.


What type of BC do you use?  I couldn't tell from the pic.  I use a Zeagle with a custom made Body Glove (I are a big'n) suit.  Also dive with steel 80's.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program....

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Looking a little tired.


That was rented gear. We have since purchased our own gear. I don't know the brand of the BC. The dive shop says they are "special ordered." They are integrated and pretty nice. We don't have any tanks. Just rent.

Tomorrow, we take the course on Nitrox because on February 2 we go to the "Flower Gardens" -- about 100 miles off the Texas Coast. We will be on the boat for roughly 48 hours. Not sure how many dives.

This has been a really good thing for us.


This is not a particularly good picture. Its significance is that this is the very first "visit" I had after I was excluded from the house, etc.

The Biscuit Queen

Zarby, your boys all look like you!

Southern Guy, that was a pic of Gonzo ;-)
he Biscuit Queen

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Follow this link to a picture of me at my worst :lol:


If you choose to look around this site, ensure you are not in a public space and the kids are not about.

I have some fucked up but amazing friends

But thats me DJing my heart out and attracting the ladies (shame shes an ex)

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What's nice about this thread is that it put's a face to the names. Zarby, Quentin, you can see the love in these pictures. Your kids adore you, yet you are substantially excluded from their lives. How can that be good for anyone involved, ( except a selfish, vengful ex )? I have never understood how the feminists and the court system can do this............. :(


It is to the point now that I am not being excluded by the mother. She will generally let me see them when I wish.

But, I am excluded by practicalities. I have to make money to support the second home as well as mine. My kids have asked me repeatedly if I will help them through college (even the youngest one). Of course, I say yes. They are excellent students and they could go very far -- very expensive.

Every trip out there is an hour round trip from my office and nearly two from my home. I have to do everything by myself. It is just a massive time crunch. Man was not meant to support two homes while doing literally every chore and thing himself. I am a one person household.

I realize my distance is small compared to that of many (about 30 to 35 miles), but still it is significant. Usually, they want to come into town. That means the driving time per visit can easily approach three hours. This weekend I was so exhausted I essentially crashed.

One humerous idea. The house next door to my ex was for sale several months ago. I thought about buying it. Wouldn't that be cool. The children could just walk next door whenever they wanted? Of course, I didn't. I wonder how that would have gone over. In all seriousness, I might consider moving out into that general area. That would be good.


I remember when my attorney said something to me about "visitation". I gave him the "LOOK", and said "I don't visit my children, I raise them". After that he understood where I stood. I have completely equal custody, and the kids see us both about 70/70, if you include Boy Scouts, Little League etc. We trade every Sunday night, keep them for seven days. We live about 3/4 of a mile apart. I do not like my ex at all, total bitch. But she is a good mom, and the kids adore her, as it should be. I never let on my feelings around the kids, and I encourage them to love her. I hope all of the men here can find a way to have something like this, but shared parenting has a fight ahead of it.


Me this past christmas showing off some of my gifts from my lovely wife.

I don't have any kids...I am just a guy who thinks both genders should be treated fairly.

Hm...I am not sure if either these are working right.  They work on other forums...

If they aren't working, you can always see me at my blog



Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"
Southern Guy, that was a pic of Gonzo ;-)
I thought Gonzo the rooster was black...  Here's Gonzo's Pennsic pics.


Here I am in all of my babyfaced, vertically challenged glory.  Behold!!!

Here's a better close-up...

By the way Zarby, Kelly, Quentin, those pics are all so adorable.  It's apparent just by looking at them that you and your kids have a bond that cannot be broken by the Parental Alienation or the court system.

Hey, why don't we start a SYG Hall of Fame or something?  Let all of these pictures stand as a monument to fathers and their children while, as was written earlier, putting a human face on these issues.

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