Sweeden ain't no liberal oasis by american feminist standard

Started by GregA, Jan 13, 2006, 04:19 PM

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I found this in this  (http://marriage.rutgers.edu/Publications/SOOU/TEXTSOOU2005.htm)  site

The Sweden Nobody Knows

In the U.S., Sweden has long been identified with liberated sexuality.  But there's another side to Sweden.  When it comes to the lives and well-being of children, this secular society imposes more stringent legal restrictions on sexual and family behavior than the U.S.  Here are four issues affecting children where Sweden takes a more conservative approach than the U.S.

Legal Divorce

Sweden:  All married couples with children, 16 or under, must wait six months before a divorce becomes final

U.S.:  Most states make no distinction in their divorce laws between couples with children and couples without

In Vitro Fertilization

Sweden:   Allowable only if a woman is married or cohabiting in a long-term relationship resembling marriage

U.S.:        No restrictions

Anonymous Sperm Donation

Sweden:    Prohibited

U.S.:          No restrictions


Sweden:     No abortion allowed after the 18th week of pregnancy without review and permission from the National Board of health

U.S.:           Abortions allowed for pregnancies through the third trimester in all but three states

Mr. X

That's cause the state pretty much runs the lives of people in Sweden since they support such a massive welfare state. In the 90s people were taxed at over 65% while corporations were over 95% taxed.

Sweden does a lot of other "funny" things. For example, the have a high rating by the UN for being a civilized country since they have a low infant mortality rate. But sweden defines any child less than a year old (outside the womb) as still a fetus. If the child dies after birth but before the first year, its considered a still born. Since most children die in the first year, their mortality rate is recorded as low.

Sweden also boasts a low unemployment rate. Again, more number playing. People out of work are offered welfare IF they take a state class. The classes are simple like flower arranging etc. The state then declares them students and not unemployed.

I have read that most families are not really families with a rather low actual marriage rate. The welfare system simply makes it more profitable for a mom to stay unwed and just have a love in boy friend.

Sweden also has a rather poor school system. They spend something like 7 times more per child than the US with little better results.

Sweden also practiced euthenizing disabled and retarded children in the 1920s and forced sterilization of parents of these children.

It certainly isn't a utopia.
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