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Started by Galt, Jan 12, 2006, 07:34 PM

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I see men competing with each other about how much they earn.  It's a big topic, sometimes, but in a peripheral sense.  The one guy has to say in a sideways way that he has so many acres of land.  The other guy mentions his Mercedes, the third talks about his HD home TV system.  Or whatever.  A bit silly, I agree.

My question is: How do women fit into this competition?  I have a female relative (by marriage) who probably has more than any man here.  But she never worked a day in her life.

I mean, how does that work in reality with the feminist viewpoint that has been thrust upon us all?  Women only earn xx% for each dollar a man earns, so they are oppressed (according to feminists).  So how come I see women who have never worked in their lives who are richer than men who have worked their whole lives?  There's something odd there.  But I can guarantee that the female relative I'm thinking about is richer than almost any man here.

So I guess - just give it up with your competitions in the pub.  LOL


I mean ... sometimes I don't think this is quite funny.

I was raised that if I failed at pushing a guy out at football, I should only try harder.  And sometimes it worked - if I really made an effort, then I achieved more.  Later, the topic became earning money.  I always thought that if I put more effort into a business venture, I may earn more.

Well, maybe.

Then I was blown out of the water.  Like a duck that thinks it can strive to get away from the next blast - sorry, dumpling, no matter how hard you strive to get away ...

Look up the widow of Sam Walton on the Fortune 500 list.  I'm never going to be richer than her, and she never lifted a finger, except for picking out the right guy.  That would be a strange case if it was the only one ... but just look around you in your community.

I don't quite get this thing that men work and build something, and then die.  And the woman gets the interim benefits while he was working and building, and then she gets the overall results.

And feminists still complain, frankly BECAUSE women don't have to work as hard, because men do it for them.  And chivalrous males still try to help them.  And the world goes on.

Sir Percy

I can see the man / woman thing in what you are saying, and the wealth transfer issue seemingly unrelated or even obverse to toil, but it goes a lot deeper than that. And broader too. I have worked hard all my life and I am dirt poor. I have several degrees - a learned man some have said- and have raised a family. I have raised the family of another too. I have served my country, fought battles, even gained Honours. I have had high level positions and Office. I have made many others safe comfortable, even well off. I have tended to their spiritual as well as corporeal needs.

But I have nothing. Not a cent. Penniless. Sometimes I feel that I must have been a monk in a previous life, rather than a Knight and am giving it another go, like it or not!  I have spiritual treasures - I hope.

This relative? Is she generous to mendicant old Knights?
vil, like misery, is Protean, and never greater than when committed in the name of 'right'. To commit evil when they are convinced they are doing 'good', is one of the greatest of pleasures known to a feminist.


The wealth transfer is a legal setup that judges endorse and are forced on men. I busted my ass, was doing pretty well and when it was all taken by a judge I was told it was my fault for not giving enough before. A home, car, furnishings and etc were not enough, Though she had spent most all of it by then, I was told it wasn't enough and I had to pay for more plus child support. Since then I have had employment problems due to too many court dates and depression but I have been lucky that some women like my mother and my present wife have been there to help and support me while I try and recover.

My mom was actually a feminist and is a counselor who has changed heavily after seeing what I went through. I was forced to move in with her at 32 when I lost my house and she was amazed to see how badly I was abused by my ex. She tried checking in to help for me since you are not supposed to counsel your own family members due to being too close and not being able to keep a proper professional level and found there was no help available without paying a fortune. Most denied men were even abused. Then she watched the court system support my ex in violation of the laws she knew existed and the lawyers just take my money and do nothing. Since then she has become very anti-feminist and much more balanced in things. As she put it, back when she was young women needed the help to be allowed equality but now it has gone too far and men are getting screwed and are the ones needing help.

As more mothers see this happening, maybe we will see a change where women supporting men isn't frowned on like now and courts will be more even handed realizing that the best parent isn't always the female one.


Anyone asking these same questions should give Why Men Are  The Way They Are. by Warren Farrell.

Dr. Farrell goes into this subject (any many others) with great detail.

Mr. X

Well like I've posted earlier, the fortune 500 is made up of mostly elderly men with younger wives and just like Walton (Walmart heiress), these guys are going to die in the next 5 to 10 years and the younger wives will inherit their forunes. Overnight the fortune 500 will flip over.

Now the woman who wrote the Harry Potter (J.D. Rollings?) made her first billion a few months back. Billion with a B. Now how could a poor woman (I think she was a nurse) make a Billion dollars in a patriarchy in which women are oppressed and men have everything? Wouldn't the state have simply taken this wealth away from her?

I saw an episode of Oprah once with Martha Burke. Burke was screaming that women were oppressed and especially blacks and they had nothing. That white men owned everything and white men owed. I wish I was in the audience cause I would have loved to ask her "So then how can Oprah, a black woman, be worth 1.6 billion dollars? You saying your host is a house ni$$er or was handed her wealth by white men and she never earned it?" The arrogance to bitch about women being oppressed on a show hosted by a black woman who's worth 1.6 billion dollars. Geez.
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


One thing I have noticed since I re-entered the dating pool.

Well, okay, I reentered it, threw up a few times, and then left it, but since that is not germane to the subject...

There are many single women out there who proudly boast of being homeowners. They are independent women, with jobs and great kids, just looking for a best friend.

But ask them, "How did you get your house?"

They hate that question.


Because they took it from their ex-husband, and now they have the house and the vaginamony.

: How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


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