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Started by Laboratory Mike, Jan 17, 2006, 08:22 PM

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Men's Rights Activist

"If all men who enjoy pornography "came out of the closet," there wouldn't be a man left over the age of ten."

I find that statement very, very offensive for a number of reasons.

Here are some possibilities, but this is not legal advice.  See an attorney for that:

File a sexual harassment complaint with the campus ombudsperson,
File a sexual harassment complaint with EEOC,
Seek the advice of an attorney to see if damages in civil court are appropriate.

To the best of my knowledge, sexual harassment law is not just about overt discrimination, where for example sexual favors are requested for a promotion.  Over the years, sexual harassment law has been expanded  to include situations where a person is made to feel uncomfortable, etc.

I suspect the school or local paper might find this interesting too, but then your name might come out publically.
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I find it offensive but perhaps for a different reason that you.

I think the statement is probably true. I have been interested
in naked women since at least the age of 10. I enjoy looking
at pictures of naked women, and I probably always will. I
think the same is true for most men. I don't think it is anything
to be ashamed of.  I think it is completely natural.

This is demonization of men for being men.

The Biscuit Queen

Take it to the dean. Don't rant, just write down the quote on a piece of paper, give it to him (or her),  and tell him what the assignment was. Let him come to his own conclusions. I imagine the dean will see immediately the issue and you don't come off as irrational.

If he doesn't, tell him some of the other quotes, and how only one was offensive. Tell him how it made you feel to have to argue it in class.

Take it one small step at a time. If you go in searching for help, not demanding retribution, you will be given more help and taken more seriously. Do not threaten unless you are utterly dismissed.
he Biscuit Queen

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The Gonzman

I'm with Zarby on this.  There's a reason I go to Hooters, and it ain't the wings - they suck.

And it is curious to me that the women who bitch about getting looked at by men are either dykes, don't get looked at, or don't get looked at by what they view as the "right" men.
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