Started by Rob Layton, Jan 18, 2006, 02:17 PM

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Read the comments you recommended Rob.

I particularly liked the one rabid feminist remark to a guy defending F4J:

"You seem very upset.

Apart from one poster saying they are all scumbags, which is their opinion, and stated as such, the rest of us have acknowledged that it cuts both ways.

As for "the women who make them" do things - did you know blaming others for your own actions is one of the first signs of mental illness?

The F4J members may be responding to someone else's behaviour, but ultimately, they are the ones responsible for their own actions."

Makes me wonder if this feminist would say the exact same line when discussing a woman using the "battered woman syndrome" defence to dodge a life in prison.

Rob Layton

Told you they were interesting... :D


What is this film the refer to... Seems to me that if it were true, accurate and.... dare I say real... they would be more than willing to post it so that we'd shut up... right?

The Man On The Street is on the street for a reason.......
It's not illegal to be male.....yet.


Yeah, I thought this was a cute post. Not like she comes across as a rbid nutcase herself!

I personally think they are all scum bag, women beating, drunks. Why do I think this? Because of undercover films that have been made about them where some members admit to using the children to hurt their wifes and of hitting their wifes, because of pathetic stunts like climbing buildings in batman suits and now this latest stunt. It is just reinforcing my view of a group of idiots who think that the end justifies the means at any cost no matter who they hurt.

My view and one which I am entitled to!!

Sir Percy

Men's News Daily is proving to be a better 'newspaper' than many. See the headlines.

Then read on to the Blogs.


Band of Brothers Forum

Thursday, January 19, 2006
Official Statement From Alleged Blair Kidnap Plotter

I, Martin Matthews, would like to make a few things clear about the Sun newspaper article about kidnapping Leo Blair.

1. At no time did anyone ever suggest anything of the sort.

2. The following people were present, Artur - a 58-year-old father who is 'T -Total,' Dyian, A photography teacher who also did not drink as he later went to work, Gary, Jolly, Graham, Eddie, and two women.

3. After speaking with the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Mirror, I feel it necessary to point the following:-

On the 18th of December 2005, I was feeling unwell and only had two glasses of Coke in the pub. I do not have the slightest idea from where these roomers of a kidnapping came from. I have noted in the tabloids that Jolly Sainsbury and Graham Manson are quoted as saying, that I may have suggested this as a joke. However, after speaking with Jolly and Graham it must be made clear that they have been miss-quoted.

4. I found yesterday exhausting, as I had made it clear to the tabloids exactly what the position was. However, I find that in today's papers have reported that a conversation had taken place with fact or evidence to support this.

5. Late last night and early this morning I was approached by a 3rd party offering me 10,000 from the Sun Newspaper to lie and admit that the kidnapping plot was a Matt O'Conner idea and that he had asked me to look into it for the group.

6. I would like to thank Matt O'Conner for everything he has done for us and suggest that he should be included in the next honours list.

7. I did meet with Police Officers in Epsom on the 27th of December 2005. However, I find it particularly strange that if I did in fact suggest or take part in any kidnap plot on the 18th last, the police have not ever questioned me about this. In fact when I telephoned the Police Officer who spoke to me on the 27th last, about the Sun Newspaper article, and asked him directly who was involved he could not give me any information.

8. I am of the opinion that the entire saga is a complete fabrication by someone in power and ask most loudly that proof or evidence should be made available for public scrutiny.

9. As I am not a politician and have no experience with such matters all I can say is the only Party to benefit from this saga would be the Labour Party, by taking the heat of Ruth Kelly and off the front page of the newspapers.

Martin Matthews
vil, like misery, is Protean, and never greater than when committed in the name of 'right'. To commit evil when they are convinced they are doing 'good', is one of the greatest of pleasures known to a feminist.

Sir Percy

I urge everyone, do not let this issue go away. Do not let it slide down the topic list.  The MND headlines have disappeared after just a day or two. Follow the advice and encouragement of AngryHarry, who may well be next in line for dirty deeds. AH had this to say after the statement by Martin Matthews :
If this can be verified and traced back to Rebekah Wade then Matt O'Connor will have grounds for some considerable legal action against her newspaper.

Furthermore, there is a good chance that an attempted deception of this type is a serious criminal offence. And, if so, there is no way that Mz Wade could then retain her editorship.

I would urge all readers of this website to do what they can to help publicise this matter  - particularly the journos, the bloggers and the webmasters - and to seek and thence publicise further information about it.

And I would also expect the police to investigate this matter.

I doubt whether the Police, known now for executing an innnocent man running for a train, will do any investigating unless there is considerable criticism linking them to this conspiracy. I read a comment on the BBC site from a 'security expert' talking of innocent passers-by being caught in Police cross-fire - for God's sake what is Britain coming to ! - were F$J's kidnap to have gone ahead. Hysteria rules.

Wade will hang on as a media heroine amongst her femonazi mates unless many people serve her reputation up on a plate to her peers.
vil, like misery, is Protean, and never greater than when committed in the name of 'right'. To commit evil when they are convinced they are doing 'good', is one of the greatest of pleasures known to a feminist.

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