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Started by The Biscuit Queen, Jan 25, 2006, 11:48 AM

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Dr. E. --
I remember recently sitting with a politician and asking him straight up whether he thought women had been oppressed. He said, "Of course." He was completely shocked when I told him I didn't think so. Guess what? After several months this man is now on our side. He isn't going public or seeking bills just yet but his mind has changed on this topic. We need to spread this idea as far and wide as we can. Force the fembots to prove the oppression of women. If they can't, they are in deep yogurt.

It's heartening to learn that leading MRA's can have lunch with a pol.

That in itself is some kind of breakthrough...

Did this pol vote for VAWA 2005? (I'm assuming Congressional level... not the county commissioner?)

Since it was a unanimous vote, I guess we know his mind is changing very s-l-o-w-l-y?

How would you determine "he is on our side?"

Has he proposed any concrete action, future dialogue, media coverage for MRA's, putting himself in a public forum as aligned with Men's Rights, asking you to feed him further relevant MRA info?

Has he said --- "Contact my assistant Ms. Lovely..." and she will make sure you get through to me on these issues?

I am not being critical of Dr. E. in any way, merely suggesting that it's a good strategy to leverage any pol conversations into actions.

Dr. E. --  is there anything SYG posters can do to communicate with, and/or encourage this pol to take the next step?
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