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Started by TheSage, Jan 30, 2006, 03:54 PM

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An alternative view on the Y chromosone:

Poor Maureen, I would never marry anyone who wonder if men are necessary.  Marriage is built on respect and love.  She has neither for men.


Quote from: "Drifter"
Won't someone please just "take one for the team" and marry Maureen.

You know you want to...

After reading Marueen Dowd's latest misandric rant, I have a good mind to make my own sarcastic marriage proposal up, and email it to her.

It would go something like "Maureen, you don't know me, but will you marry me?  I'm just so self-sacrificing that I'm compelled to do it for the sake of the rest of the men of the world."   :shock:

Does anyone here have her email address?  I think that Bernard Chapin got it somehow.

Hopefully she'll reject it, and I'll be able to say that she's made me one of the happiest men in the world.  :D
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Oh bloody hell! Maureen Dowd -- what a piece of work! :x

Anyway, all you counterfeminists out there, if you haven't sort of begun doing so already, definitely begin doing so now: Start keeping files on feminists. Not informally, but very formally. Professionally, I should say.

How formally? How professionally? Well...I myself intend to start building a MySQL database application to organize my records, and to expedite various forms of cross-referencing. I'll start simple, tinkering in my spare time, just prototyping around like the Wright brothers working on their first airplane.

An alphabetical list of names, for starters, e.g., Dowd, Maureen. Other names -- famous, infamous, and even obscure -- to follow.

This will grow more sophisticated as inspiration strikes, and as information accumulates.  :idea:

I would encourage others to engage in similar intelligence gathering ops-- be it nothing more elaborate than folders in a file drawer.


Much like other social studies fantasy that caters to the fears of and greed
of the angry masses, this bit of science fiction uses a modicum of barely plausable scientific theory and history and writes a story that incites  the

So far what I'm seeing here is modified ripoffs of
"A Boy And His Dog"
"Planet of The Apes"

But then, ALL the best writers work off the 12 basic storyline formulas and plagerise  original thinkers to promote their OWN assumed value.

Kind  of like-
"A New study from a corperate sponsered department of bogus social sciences at (*fart*) university found justificatiion to maintain their department today.

Dr. Rufus T. Firefly, endowed with an academic title from My Sisters Fart(a university desperate to justify further income from aspireing offspring of well healed folk that have declared themselves intelectuals, and therefore excused from subsequent labors), named  for the tasty dessert, has made claims that cater to current irrational fears kindled by recent stories in supermarket and television tabloids.

In a measure of pompous self promotion, and the consolidation of the Mutual Admiration Society and  Otherwise Helpless Bohemians, Assistant Secratary of Really Importatnt Stuff on the staff of the Mayor of (some UFO town in Arizona) has made a motion to establish a fact finding world tour of (some place with warm beaches and umbrella drinks containing previously thought "evil demon rum") to establish the viability of desperately needed institutional commitment, and the possible development of funding for a new Center
for Bogus Acadamia Justification

In an effort to promote support funding, the desperate will approach the cartel of the Opiate of the Masses based in (Crap, there's nowhere left to run grifts from! Well, at least it's warm and there's plenty of cheap labor with dreams of financial freedom to crush). Easily duped folk that "always depend on the kindness of strangers" will be given story scripts to play act.

Heat- seeking missives are expected to prove their lemmingness at the newest production of "The Emporors New Cloths" gala premier, and natter endlessly about it to their kindred spirits in a desperate effort to be part of the latest in crowd.

(aimless ramble intended)


Quote from: "Fidelbogen"
TheSage wrote:
If Maureen thought her snide, anti-male writing would frighten men into becoming sycophants to women, she is sadly mistaken. If anything, this animal-demonic, radical feminist dogma is pushing men away from women. Gutter filth like this is what has compelled me and some other guys my age to start a new movement we call Male Antisexualism. It certainly isn't popular, but if psychotic women like Maureen Dowd keep up these atrocious, loathsome acts I feel a great many more men may consider turning to this movement.

Sage...what can you tell us about this "male antisexualism"? It sounds similar to cetain concepts I've heard floating around occasionally in the men's movement talk circuit.

Would you be good enough to enlighten us further?

Maybe start a thread upon the subject...? :idea:

I'll post a thread on it soon.


Apparently Ms. Dowd didn't stop to consider that what is rendering men obsolete is their own willingness to make life easier for women... I don't think it's far-fetched to say that the stresses being inficted on males over the ages, as the world goes from female-oriented to completely female-dominated through the efforts of the men who make is practicable for women to ge by without men, are shaping male evolution for the negative while female evolution steams long status-quo...

I wonder if womena re really doing so well genticallly either though... for instance while many think of women doing physical labor as a modern "you go girll!" phenomena, 100-plus years ago and before it was COMMONPLACE in rural area for women to be heavily involved in the physical labors of agriculture.

On a related note, I recent;y read an article that cited the replacement of masculinity with technology as reasons why so few men today are triuly demmed valuedm attractive, and desirable to women. In essence, it says that since women no longer really need men to do much for them, yet women physioligically require men to be stronnger, more powerful, etc. to be attracted to them- they are drawn only to the strongest, most physically and socially powerful men, while "normal guys" are seen as at best an "it'll have to do" sort of compromise. I suppose it could logiclaly be deduced then that part of the reason misandry and disrespect for men in general are so widespread is because women no longer value most men simply because men are no longer as neccessary for women to get by in day to day life... of course, most women in day to day life also don't see that while they may be less dependent now on any specific man, they still owe a lot to men collectively... but most women probably don't think much about how men support, design, and build the infrastructure; how men largely enable women financially to bear children; etc.


Let's try a logical syllogism --

(A) Maureen is a woman.

(B) Some women have defined themselves as commodities.

(C) Therefore, Maureen is a silly ?????

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