UK pledges 3m for safe abortions

Started by Drifter, Feb 06, 2006, 02:31 PM

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It's pretty easy to see what the BBC's view on abortion is after reading this article. Notice how the article is filled with quotes from various pro-abortion groups. There is not a single quote from a pro-life group.

The Biscuit Queen

The absence of sexual and reproductive health services results in an increase in unintended pregnancies and, inevitably, a greater number of unsafe abortions," Mr Thomas told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Unintended pregnancies are not a result of lack of abortion services. They are putting the cart before the horse here. If planned parenthood closed clinics, it is because they chose to give up finding rather than give up abortions. That is their own choice, not the US's.

What I have never been able to figure out about American policy is why they persist in cutting down funding to organisations that are about preventing unwanted pregnancies.

No, not preventing unwanted pregnancy, but ending unwanted pregnancy. Notice that Abortion rights groups always merge contraception and abortion, to make it seem like pro-lifers want women pregnant. They fail to see that there are other options, and abortion is a CHOICE. No one is forcing these women to have abortions, and if they are dying from them that is their own choice. Sorry, choice comes with some consequences. Pay for your own if you really want them. It is not OUR job to fund abortions in OTHER countries. They bitch when we try to do things, then bitch when we don't. I think they just want us to dance on puppet strings.
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