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Started by zarby, Feb 06, 2006, 09:43 AM

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Quote from: "zarby"
Hey, I sent her shopping. When she returned, she told me that the guy at "Best Buy" was very angry with me and if I wouldn't hug her he would. Also, she characterized me as a "grouch."

I precieve taking such issues out of the workplace, and establishing a postion with easily duped "others" as "Rounding Up Allies" for the kill.

Seen it before more than once. It's called trial by malicious gossip.
I'm guessing, at this point, she's still apparently very friendly with the object   of her scorn. As annoying and unfortunate as it may be in trying to manage a workplace, try to insure that you are NEVER alone with this woman, you may even consider CCTV or 'puter cams


sounds like that woman has issues - DANGER WIL ROBINSON
 woman needs a man like a fish needs water

Sir Percy

Zarby, you have a mini-psycho on your books.

Document, document, document. Individually notarise the documents. Date them. Be specific in her actions that you note, be subjective in your reactions that you note.

Other employees in the firm? Get an ally or two. Confidentially appraise them of your concerns. Record the meeting. If you are the boss, hire a gender-harrassment education provider to hold a training program for the staff. Hire them and tell them the examples that you insist they use. Use the errant woman's behaviours as the examples.

If it persists, let her carry out her intent to hug you, call the cops and insist they press charges, take out a restraint order, throw the book at her.

I just think that things have reached a sad point in society if a man has to REALLY try to inhibit, in a friendly and subtle way, a woman from sexually-harassing(??) HIM if HE doesn't want to get sued down the road.

You are right Galt. It has reached and gone well beyong that sad point. It is now dangerous.
vil, like misery, is Protean, and never greater than when committed in the name of 'right'. To commit evil when they are convinced they are doing 'good', is one of the greatest of pleasures known to a feminist.


Quote from: "zarby"
By the way, everybody wants her. Virtually every man she encounters she will say "I know he wants me" or something similar. All male clients want her. The guy at best buy wants her. Everybody wants her. I don't. To each their own, but she is not the subject of fantacies -- just isn't.

Yep she is a bomb just waiting to go off, mate.

I too take precautions at work. Whenever a meeting between me and one female employee has to take place I always make it at our local cafe - very public. It works out well because for most part I'm coming across as  picking a more comfortable environment - relaxed and such. Also, we have plenty of cameras and security door readers that luckily I can access and prove where I am at any time. You have to play it smart.

I also never pick-up or hold kids - no matter what. On a couple of occasions at the local supermarket a child has fallen over and I've been the closest but that's just too bad and dangerous.

On a psycho note: a MRA stated somewhere on the net that if you come across a woman that still has stuffed toys then stay away. Sorry about the source but I remember reading this and it just stuck.

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