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Rob Layton

Dont know if you have seen this....

New item on News Blog

Parenting Rights Campaigner Serving Time Over Egg
14th February 2006

Proud and defiant was the position taken by Real Fathers For Justice
activist Mike Downes as he faced another two weeks in custody for cracking
an egg on the head of Education Minister Ruth Kelly, after Magistrates in
Trafford Court remanded him again pending a trial date on 28th February.

The three Magistrates and the CPS refused bail stating that they believed
that Downes would breach any bail conditions they set.

Reasoned campaigner

The solicitor defending Downes, argued that the activities carried out by Mr
Downes are not mindless or thoughtless acts of civil disobedience, and are
part of well informed campaign. She detailed how Downes a hard working
father whose son lives with him, had first hand experience many years
earlier with the failing Family Court process when a Court Welfare Officer
made recommendations that he be excluded from his children's lives.

Paedophiles working with children

It was later revealed that the CWO involved was a paedophile found guilty of
child sex offences and removed from his post. The court heard how Downes had
seen his own brothers' family life ruined whilst going through the same
family justice system and how the education system headed by Ruth Kelly had
also to date failed to honour his Parental Responsibility and the Court
Orders stating he be informed of his children's education. This is a common
feature running through the DfES in their handling of separated fathers,
their rights and responsibilities.

Over egged custody

Defence went of to point out that the act of cracking an egg on someone's
head does not meet the scale for a custodial sentence, and does not even
compare to the most extreme end of the assault scale, yet the Magistrates
refused to bail the parenting rights campaigner, preferring to incarcerate
activist Downes for an equivalent sentence to that of a common criminal.


Downes, who has been on remand at Strangeways Prison Manchester since the
incident outside Salford Court on Monday 6th February, was escorted from the
dock and told the court "One man brought Rome to a halt, his name was
Spartacus!   I am Spartacus !!� . The response from the gallery packed
with Real Fathers For Justice supporters was "No! I am Spartacus!�

"Coming together is a beginning,
  Keeping together is progress,
  Working together is success."
  Henry Ford

  All good  parents must fight against the anti -family government that
exists in Gods own. We must do this as only parents can teach children
  In solidarity -dad4justice

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