Yahoo News: Bloody attack on Mass. gay bar stuns region

Started by Laboratory Mike, Feb 03, 2006, 04:46 PM

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The Biscuit Queen

He was an 18 year old boy dating a 33 year old woman. From that alone you know he has mom issues. Most likely his mother is a controlling, confining... claustrophobic power in his life. So powerful in shaping his identity that he seeks her out again and again in his relationships.

OK Freud...I thought you were an engineer? You cannot know any of what you wrote-it is guessing. He is an adult at 18, old enough to vote and to enlist in the military, and we do not know what sort of relationship he and the woman had, or how long they even knew each other.  

There are some people who are just disgusted by gay sex. It could be a simple combination of disgust and and someone who is really violent and angry.

He also is a NeoNazi, they have a long history of violence and hate. Again, that seems more likely than Freudian theories.

Those people who died were men, and I feel very sad for them (I would have either way). I can even try to have empathy for this man, but it won't help. Sometimes people just turn to hate movements, and when they are that far gone there is not much anyone can do. I certainly do not want the MRM tainted by neonazi propaganda at all, so I do not think our movement reaching out to that particular group is a good idea. Hate breeds hate, and they will simply bring it here.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.



I'm trying to look deeper into the causes of such virulent anger and disgust. You can't posit a symptom as a cause, it's like saying coughing is the cause of colds. And you can't cure symptoms until you get at the underlying illness.

As for the whole younger man, older woman thing... I've listened to men who are in that kind of situation, listened to what their friends and family think, and it *is* like that. The woman wants a younger man to dominate and she does, often with lethal or near-lethal results.

The Biscuit Queen

The woman wants a younger man to dominate and she does, often with lethal or near-lethal results.

And I know a woman (42) who was with a very young man(17) who was not into it for power and control, but for (albeit immature) romantic love. She honestly feels she fell in love with him, and they were together for years the last I knew, which put him at 22 and her at 47. I was not thrilled with it, feeling personally that the boy was really too young to know what he was getting into, but I knew her through a creative writing group, and I did not sense any malicious intent. She was just one of those really emotionally immature women. She did not see anything wrong with the age difference.

Sometimes motivations really are more simple than you would think. I am not saying that your picture could not happen, I am saying you do not know that. Sometimes a cough is just a cold, not some latent malignant lung cancer. It takes a doctor to tell you, and neither of us are that.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.



He walked into a GAY bar... and a working class gay bar at that... and started randomly attacking people.

If he had been hit on before he started to randomly attack people... I would have to say, "too bad, so sad, you're in a GAY bar, what do you expect?"

Like I said, I am skeptical about the reporting on the incident and if there is a lot we do not know about or the events being very different from what we are hearing. Notice I did not endorse what he did but it could be a very different story from what really happened. I know I have gone in to a gay bar by accident once when in need of a working pay phone after being ribbed. I was harassed heavily by the patrons to the point I left before being able to even us the payphone there and went miles away to finaly call the police. Meanwhile the woman that robbed me got away. The individuals at the bar seemed much more interested in harassing and attacking me in revenge for abuses they may have had from other heterosexuals in the past than anything else.

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