The Bradley Amendment [42.U.S.C. 666] Law !

Started by Vet/Father, Feb 18, 2006, 07:59 AM

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Feb 18, 2006, 07:59 AM Last Edit: Jun 09, 2020, 11:31 AM by Vet/Father
Devil is the spirit of evil, the ruler of HELL; Satan...
The destroyer of mankind, great deceiver, mystery,etc...

Here will have a law that was designed by lawyers & radical feminists to enslave man(fathers) and destroy their lives to the point of death in many cases. In the book of Revelation(Holy Bible) Ch.17(ver 5) states:


ver(6)..."And I SAW the WOMEN drunken with the blood of the Saints.."

666 is the number that will reveal the MARK of THIS BEAST...

Harlots means " A Woman of ill repute..." " one who hates"
Q-" Where did radical-hateful-feminists start?
Q.-"What country?"
Q.-"What country is the new Babylon the great?"
Remember this the NEW Testaments, and not the OLD like in the book of Daniel.
Q.-"Where did abortions start?"

These are clues that the Christians of today are blinded too, and many won't see it coming, because they are focus on chips.

HISTORY, Present.

n order to prevent the high number of:

    Parents committing suicide.
    Children committing suicide.
    Parents becoming homeless.
    Runaway children.
    Drug Addicted Children.
    Children turning to gangs and crime.
    Parents and children suffering from Parental Alienation. (A condition by which the noncustodial parent is kept from the child and the child is manipulated to believe that they have been abandoned.)
Due to the unconstitutional and corrupt Family Court System...


1: Stop Title IV-D Funding to all States Immediately. The financial incentive for the Family Courts to collect child support have PROVEN to corrupt legislation and DESTROY lives. (Title IV-D is our Social Security funds which every taxpayer contributes toward.)

2: Immediately cease granting sole custody to one parent if and when; both parents are equally capable of raising the child with 50/50 custody. (Currently, children are awarded to the mother as the custodial parent 85% time)

*Studies have revealed that when children have access to both parents equally, they are far more likely to develop into happier and healthier adults.

so much more...


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Had to get that first post up, and running ...

To understand this destroyer we need to examine this law .

So, who is Bradley ?,and what is the Bradley Amendment?
The who is Bill Bradley(Demoncrat) former NBA basketball player, and U.S. Senator from New Jersey(1979-1997)

#1...[42.U.S.C. 666(a)(9)(c)]....say that once a Child Support obligation has been established, IT CANNOT be retroactively REDUCED or FORGIVEN by a JUDGE..."

To see more:

**ps: Keep a watch on new anti-fathers bills being introduce like for example: April 2005...H.R. 1754 by U.S. Congressman Rep ROBert E. Andrews of New Jersey 1st Dist(Democrat)

In a nutshell: KEEP HIGH INTEREST RATES GOING,Where does all this $$$ collected on interest arrears(BILLION$) go to ?,etc..
    All Bill Information (Except Text) for S.2404 - A bill to amend part D of title IV of the Social Security Act to prohibit the retroactive modification of child support arrearages.
    99th Congress (1985-1986)

    Back to this bill
    Sponsor: Sen. Bradley, Bill [D-NJ] (Introduced 05/05/1986)
    Committees: Senate - Finance
    Latest Action: 05/05/1986 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance.  (All Actions)
    This bill has the status IntroducedHere are the steps for Status of Legislation:
    More on This Bill
    CBO Cost Estimates

    Get more information
    See Coverage Dates for Legislative Information and learn about other sources.

    Subject — Policy Area:
    Social Welfare
    View subjects

    Full texts of bills are not available on for bills prior to 1989 (101st Congress).

    Jump to: Summary | Actions Overview | All Actions | Titles | Subjects | Cosponsors | Committees | Related Bills

    Cosponsors (2)

    * = Original cosponsor
    Cosponsor Date Cosponsored
    Sen. Long, Russell B. [D-LA]* 05/05/1986
    Sen. Biden, Joseph R., Jr. [D-DE] 07/24/1986
    Committees (1)

    Committees, subcommittees and links to reports associated with this bill are listed here, as well as the nature and date of committee activity and Congressional report number.

    Committee / Subcommittee Date Activity Reports
    Senate Finance 05/05/1986 Referred to
    Related Bills (1)

    A related bill may be a companion measure, an identical bill, a procedurally-related measure, or one with text similarities. Bill relationships are identified by the House, the Senate, or CRS, and refer only to same-congress measures.

    Bill Latest Title Relationships to S.2404 Relationships Identified by Latest Action
    H.R.4769 A bill to amend part D of title IV of the Social Security Act to prohibit the retroactive modification of child support arrearages. Identical bill CRS 05/09/1986 Referred to Subcommittee on Public Assistance and Unemployment Compensation.
    Companion bill Senate

* = Original cosponsor
Cosponsor Date Cosponsored
Sen. Long, Russell B. [D-LA]* 05/05/1986
Sen. Biden, Joseph R., Jr. [D-DE] 07/24/1986
Some of the effects of 666 laws...
1) high interests on child support, and AFDC (Welfare )
2) debt cannot be retroactively reduced
3) debt cannot be forgiven
4) Judges rights are prohibited from giving fair just verdicts, and determinations, when mistakes are made.
5) If you get sick,disable and can't work, still no mercy
6) other numberous added charges
7) The law forbids bankruptcy
8) paternity fraud debt not forgiven
9) destroy your credit
10) In paternity cases, when fatherhood is proved via dna,they can go back to time of birth, and charge you cost of hospital bills. I could be 1-3 years after the fact.
11) In paternity cases, when you are proved to father, they retrorate you from day one, plus numberous other charges with interest.
12) pay legal costs, court costs
13) take away your licenses
14) take away your savings/checking/retirements without any advance notice
15) ... fishing,hunting, and camping licenses taken away
16) ... make you a felon
17) ... history background is now destroyed, prevents you from getting good gov't and other jobs, and place to live
18)  ...take away your Social Security life savings and benefits
19)  ...Once, you become a felon, you lose your rights to vote
20) ...  you lose your rights to bare arms
21)  ... You are branded a Dead-Beat
22) ... They post your picture on tv,newspapers, internet as a criminal
23) ... Take away your pass-port (can't leave country)
24) No place for help for men in this situation, trap, hopelessness, depression
25) you become homeless
26)  ...They steal your childrens, and destroys you to the point of NO return...
27) ... they take your disability checks, even if you got injured in combat(50%)
28) They cook the books, and hide overpayment, so YOU stay trap
29) They steal your money, or LOSE files
30) ... So-Call Computor problems ,lose payments ($660 Million Missing) GAO report to congress in 2002, not including other states that are missing money
31) More Street GANGS, because many boys don't have complete family(father is gone)
32) More drugs on street
33) More fear, and Hatred of gov't, Police, which results in more crimes
34) More victims joining terrorist groups (in jail and out)
35) Costing TAX-Payers BILLIONS
36) Employers & Corporations losing good employees
37) More staff & $$$ spented by corporations to over-see these laws, book-keeping,lawyers,etc...etc...
38) Homes taken away
39) Can't re-marry, because they will GO AFTER your New wife incomes, and taxes
40) Taxes taken away
41) If gain custody of childrens in later years(Like me) they STILL take money from you
42) CAN'T get help with welfare for food, because they go by GROSS..not net
43) Have to pay and GET health insurance for child, even if Mother and New husband have already health coverages..most cases better coverage
44) Get life insurance policies
45) pay for college costs
46) Still pay,even if mother/new husband is now making 2-4X more than you, and getting earned income tax credit...
48) NO BILL OF RIGHTS Protections....
49) The country you served to protect in armed forces turns against YOU, and uses everything in it's power to DESTROY YOU !!!!
I bet you that this factor contributes to veterans killing themselves more than before...
50) Rasing child support to age 26



"If a Child Support obligor(NCP)(Fathers 90%+) become DISABLED, IMPRISONED, UNEMPLOYED,IN ACCIDENT and/or goes into COMA, or goes into serve DEPRESSION, unless they the wherewital or presence of mind to GO to the Courts and FILE for a suspension or reduction, their DEBTS will CONTINUE TO ACCUMULATE, and cannot be modified FOR ANY,ANY,ANY Reasons"


Think about this for a moment, who in HELL would write a LAW like this ???

Please Brothers & Sisters help me expose this law some more, and let's send Mr. Bradley Back TO HELL, because of this law MILLIONS and MILLIONS of lives are being destroyed and many are losing their lives even as I type away.

We need to contact our U.S. Congress ASAP !

Helpful tools:


Tell them about this law, and remove it...


The Good people must raise-up, and act. Remember the 1930's in Germany, let's not repeat history back


In 1996 even more laws were added to 42/666(1986),since 1975 when Child Support Enforcement (CSE)  program ,establish under Title IV-D of the SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 4 started,and it seems that every 10 years they add more ensure financial entrapment...

In 1966, this is when AFDC started(BTW it was the same year N.O.W.,and the church of Satan show there colors too-side note)

In 1996(Republican-control-congress) (President Clinton was in office)
they passed:

"Uniform Interestate Family Support Act"

SEE section 313( I think this one was from 1986 Bradley)

a) "The [petitioner] (Mother 90%+) may not be required to PAY a filling fee or other costs"

b)"....may assess against an obligor(NCP-Fathers) filling fees,reasonable ATTORNEY'S FEES, OTHER COSTS,and necessary travel,and other reasonable expenses incurred by the obligee(atty,CS,etc..)


I had this happen to me, and it explains why they used DELAYING TACTICES on my case (1992-1994) for a paternity case, when my 2nd son was born on april 9th of 1992 and didn't get determination until late 1993,and then had to fight until 1994 to see my son(supervise-visit 2x),which I had to pay too, and out of 5 schuduled visits mother didn't show(No show) 3x, but still I had to pay,and they did nothing to her.

They broke me $$$,and I have not seen my youngest son now(soon to be 14 yrs of age,since 1994) . I have 2 sons (20yrs-old and 14 yrs-old), and both had not seen each other yet, and before I die , I want both to know each other, but ..."

They use these delaying tactices on me, and in 1994 also, was HIT HARD with a $7,800.00+ Bill, and they never fully explained it to me. I fired stupid/greedy lawyers for a shit )&*(** job. They charged me for everything, and put it under the title bill name:


SECTION: 305 (duties and powers of reponding tribunal)

(11)...." award reasonable attorney's fees and other fees, and costs,and..."

***In plain english, it will benefit the tribunal to keep the meter running, as long as possible, and have anybody ever seen a reasonable attorney's fees ? ***

There is a term called " Double-dipping " "Biking"

*** Child Support Incentive Payments ***

Why was attorney's fees,court costs,other fees,phone call fees,etc...
put all under child support ?


***Under Constrution ****


Bradley used the Social Security Act 4 to get [42 U.S.C] passed without Congress aproval and oversight hearings...

***Incentive Payments to States ***(reports,data) SEE U.S.GAO reports.

Question: Why was this bill/laws  put under Social Security Admin ?
Isn't Social Security for retirement and disability ???


To get a better understanding of the beast.
See the U.S. GAO reports to the Chairman, Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate (March ,2004)

2005 GAO reports only (FY05)
Type in the word "Child Support" in Quick Search ______.

"For fiscal year 2002, OCSE reported 16 million child support cases, and collection of MORE $20 BILLIONS...."

Q- " Does this  include matching funds from OCSE,HHS, states/lawyers/courts ?"

Q.-" Who funds the courts ?"

Q.- How much does Social Security Administration have to fund?
"...Since the Child Support(1975) & 1985 Bradley Amendment(666) was drafted,passed under Social Security Acts(Title IV-D) and S.S. title act 4...?

See: info

This might explain why Social Security is GOING BROKE !!!!
This might be why "It's in the best interest for more death,etc.."
This might explain why "It's in the best interest to let illegals, mostly men into country, to replace American Males lose,and Social Security losts,etc...."(illegals pay into system,but won't collect, keeps beast running some more,etc...)
This way people won't notice the change in make-up, and to kill as many Black men/boys as possible, reduce there numbers..See facts,data,death,jailed,etc...etc...numbers


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My youngest son(V) , who is now 19 years of age...
I am still paying child support, and still am in arrears for high interest rates,fees,etc...that was added 17+ years ago
They say he is still in High School in Wisconsin, BUT I can not get proof and name of school or records...
I have become like a zombie, lost, destroyed,depressed, and unable to counter-attack , because of above, and $$..none
I pray this Federal System that funds these destroyers goes down, and is destroyed...
Look at our inner-cities today !
The good fathers in our inner cities are mostly (@70+%) missing !
The crimes in our inner cities are raising look at Chicago !
Repeal the Bradley Amendment (Phyllis Schafly)
Started by Vet/Father, Feb 28, 2006, 08:37 AM

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