Panic rooms for Women.

Started by Rob Layton, Feb 23, 2006, 11:12 AM

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Rob Layton

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Councils fund 'panic rooms' for domestic violence victims

Polly Curtis and Alison Benjamin
Wednesday February 22, 2006


Councils all over the country are setting up "panic rooms" in private
homes to help women protect themselves from abusive partners, the
Guardian has learned.
The scheme to create high security rooms for women who have been
victims of domestic violence has been adopted by 120 local authorities
in England and 165 more are planning to follow suit, John Prescott's
office confirmed.

The council installs a solid door with mortice locks, steel hinges, bolts and a spy glass to transform a bedroom into a "sanctuary". Some women are offered intercom systems and barred windows. They are advised to lock themselves in the room and phone the police if an abusive partner turns up.

Any victim of domestic violence in a participating council area can apply for a panic room to be installed.
But some domestic violence campaigning groups say women are being
strong-armed into accepting the additional security measures to cut
councils' bills for rehousing them.

Deborah McIveen, the policy officer at Women's Aid, said: "Councils
have a statutory duty to protect people at risk but there is anecdotal
evidence from local Women's Aid projects across the country that women
are being given less of a choice than they should when it comes to
sanctuary schemes. They're being told the only option is security
measures, or years living in temporary accommodation.

"We're not against the scheme if women can make an informed choice And holistic support is provided."Previously most victims of domestic abuse who were driven from their homes by an abusive ex-partner would be offered temporary housing.Many local authorities are keen to cut their bill for temporary housing and meet targets to cut the number of people without a permanent home.
Barnet in north London was one of the first to introduce the scheme and
now 91 women in the borough have sanctuaries. Temporary housing costs the council 16,000 a year for each family compared with 1,000 for reinforcing a person's home.

Alvin Wade, Barnet's homelessness protection manager, said the council
had saved 600,000 under the scheme in the first year and higher savings were expected this year. Their research shows that 90% of women have backed the scheme.

A spokeswoman for John Prescott's office, said: "The idea is that women
can stay within their own homes rather than having to go into temporary
accommodation. It helps their children stay in their schools and prevents them having to run away. Sanctuaries are only used where it's the clear choice of the woman and safety can be guaranteed. Every case is looked at individually." Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006

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Rob Layton

Sorry I have just seen the other thread for this..
However it seems that certain groups are forming e/mail campaigns to the Guardian.
You can all help out by going to the link provided and leaving your comments , if you have not already done so.
Sorry again to the person who posted this before.


Notes for non-UK members:

The Guardian (or Grauniad as a popular satirical mag describes it) is the newspaper of the chattering left in the UK. It grew enormously as the hippy generation were coming out of university in the 1970's and maintains a hi-brow left wing stance. If Hilary Clinton wanted to buy a UK newspaper, this would be the one.
Its readership grew as standards of education declined. It now considers itself to be a potent force on behalf of the half-educated but fully opinionated robots who swallow its modified Marxist propaganda.

But that's just my opinion.
'm an asylum seeker. Don't send me back.


Gross. If the husband truly is violent, she (or he) should leave. She shouldn't hide in a "safe room." This is just grotesque. The notion that women need to build safe rooms into their houses is grotesque. It is going to be the very, very rare case where any such thing would be even remotely appropriate. How about building rooms for men to escape to when their wieves start to nag? These rooms can e sound proof?


I say, "Hooray!" to the panic room concept.  Yet another wedge will be placed between men and women, forcing us further and further apart.

Well, good riddance to bad garbage, I say!

Lets get this whole destruction of the West onto a fast track, for goodness sake!  I for one and tired of this death by a thousand feminist cuts.  Slow decline sucks!

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