A nice thing my girlfriend did for men today!

Started by Assault, Mar 08, 2006, 06:22 PM

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I honour of International Women's Day, my girlfriend apporached me at the gym while I was working out and handed me a single rose with a card that says "Happy International women's day. One rose that WILL NOT find itself in a women's clutches!!"

Ha hahah!!! It was great!!! She actually mentioned that alot of women and men were agreeing with her today that this "holiday" is complete and utter bullshit.

What a great woman she is....I think I'll keep her. :wink:
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Hooray for cool chicks!
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yes, yes YES!
What a great post Assault.
It is always encouraging to hear examples of real women's behavior instead of the constant adolescent whine of the femikooks.
the Duckman agrees: keep her on for awhile  :D
so saith the duckman


You are a lucky if not wise man "Assault". Recently I have noticed that there exists a certain 'type' of woman within our society i.e. the women who actually LIKE MEN!! These are women who usually prefer the company of men to other women and the good news is that many of these women are also heterosexual AND attractive looking. It is now one of my 'hobbies' to observe these wonderfull ladies wherever I find them and who knows one day I might get lucky too!!

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