The BBC and EU at it again

Started by Julian, Mar 08, 2006, 07:41 AM

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Here we go again creating more gender divisions:

EU's gender gap still wide open

Statistics released by the EU to mark International Women's Day show European women do better in school than men, but get lower pay and fewer top jobs.

A nice little earner for the political elite

Gender institute

The measures include:

Setting up a European Institute for gender equality
reviewing all existing EU gender equality law
increasing awareness of gender inequality
ensuring gender equality is considered in all policies
pressing for better statistics
It also seeks to tackle the pay gap, support a better work/life balance, eliminate violence and trafficking.

The European institute for gender equality - described as a "centre of excellence for gender equality issues, providing expertise and improving knowledge" - should be operational by 1 January 2007.

It will have a budget of 52.5 million euros for the period until 2013.

The review of legislation is in line with the drive by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to legislate "less but better".


Has anyone here listened to BBC Radio lately? You would be lucky to hear a male voice once in every two hours. I now cynically think of the BBC as the VoV - Voice of the Vagina. :shock:


I mean, if it wasn't insulting enough to have females dominating the presenters' roles for across-the-board programs ... women (as a special subset of humans) have their own specialist programs.

Women Writers

Women in Power (Just so men and women know their places)

Woman's Hour

Woman's Hour Drama

The BBC is so PC it makes me sick.


I'd never been on the Woman's Hour Message Board before today. Get this - on one of the threads about political bias, the poster Beeboid (who seems to be a moderator of some sort) posted the following:

We reject all accusations of political bias.

We would never employ anyone connected to a political party, or have party donors as director-general or MD.

We recruit new staff by advertising exclusively in the centre-ground Guardian newspaper. This ensures that our staff have the correct views.

I just can't believe the nerve to say that with a straight face !!!!  :shock:
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Their slogan may as well be 'From each according to his ability, to each according to her gender" - Judge John Roberts


Graboid, the more I read from lefties, the more I am convinced: The further to the left the commentator, the further from the truth their pronouncements.  :(


Makes perfect sense if you read between the lines.....

"We recruit new staff by advertising exclusively in the centre-ground Guardian newspaper. This ensures that our staff have the correct views."

see?  Correct views.  as in THEIR VIEWS.  Not the views of the general public, their views (femikook views)....

Plus, from the Guardian?  Get real!

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