Women having difficulty finding men?

Started by zarby, Mar 29, 2006, 06:38 AM

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[Given my logic, I should be swamped with men.  ;)

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And, given your logic, are you?

Quote from: "lkanneg"

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Well then, by your own admission you are not in the position to *know* the experiences of plain, non-slender women in the dating pool.

I haven't always been beautiful, TB--I was a "late bloomer," so to speak.  So yeah, I also know what it is to be ugly.  :) It's always so valuable to have a variety of life experiences, don't you think?

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[From my own observations and experience, we may not be *swamped* like a beauty such as yourself, but we are not doing too badly, so your sympathy is misplaced.

"We?" Are you plain and non-slender, TB?  I had no idea.  Actually, I don't offer people sympathy for being unattractive; that would be grotesquely bad manners, right up there with offering sympathy to man because he's short...I can hear it now..."Oh, George, what a shame that you're so SHORT, I feel your pain!!"  er...I'd bet George would like to deck me, and I could definitely sympathize with THAT feeling.  ;)

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[Now, sympathy *should* be given to short men who seem to get it coming and going. They are less likely to get married(-7%) and suffer a penalty due to their height in wages(-15%).

Well, I'll let you do that.  It just really seems rude to me.  But diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks.

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[(By contrast a tall woman is -5% as likely to get married as an average or small sized woman.)

Which just goes to show that you can't assume anything about any specific person based on statistics.  :D
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No, the cultural expectation was that women would provide materially ONLY within the home.  It was considered shameful for women to have to work outside the home, and considered extremely peculiar for a woman to WANT to work outside the home--at least, the literature of the times that I have read indicates these beliefs as pervasive throughout US culture.  

Yeah, but shameful for who?

Answer:  Shameful for HIM not for HER since it indicated he couldn't make enough money at the factory manufacturing the things women USED to make.

Also, go back a little farther.  Where do you think the term "cottage industry" came from?  It was the term placed on the occupations women undertook at home -- usually spinning wool -- that was prevalent until the men started weaving wool in the factory.  They may have also supplemented family income with chickens, eggs, milk, and other things to the aristocratic monied classes that the modern middle class apes to this day.
"To such females, womanhood is more sacrosanct by a thousand times than the Virgin Mary to popes--and motherhood, that degree raised to astronomic power. They have eaten the legend about themselves and believe it; they live it; they require fealty of us all." -- Philip Wylie, Generation of Vipers


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You seriously think men usually feel degraded after having sex?  Y'know, neither of us are men.  Maybe the men on this message board could chime in and clear this up for me.  If anybody's interested in responding:  do men, generally speaking, find sex degrading?

I'm a man... sorta.  Sex degrading?  The only degradation I can envision from taking part in the toe-to-toe dance is if I was PAYING for sex with a whore.  Now THAT is degradation!

I would love to answer from a masculine perspective and state categorically that Typhon is incorrect and that in general, men do not feel degraded by sex (or feel like they are despoiling the woman by sticking their manmeat into her sticky pink).

However, no2fembots remains as he has always been: One man, unique and indivisible.  One man, who falls outside the pale.  One man, truly free from the power of the herd to conform and submit to groupthink.

In answer to your question, I am saddended to say that I think most men in the west have become manginas; thus, they - like Hugo Boy - probably feel so awful and angry at themeslves for having any sexual desire at all that they could probably crush a rose!
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Well, TB...mindlessly repeating something over and over doesn't make it true, I'm afraid, which is all you're doing.  It would be much more convincing if you had as many reputable sources supporting your claim as there are out there that show that there is an income disparity between men and women.

I think the reference here Lisa is that when controlled for marital status and full/part time...the "wage gap" disappears completely.  Incidentally, all the "reputable" sources that you refer to...universally I may add...compare apples and oranges...  ie. all men compared to all women, or like they do here in Canada...equal pay for work of equal value (in which nurses are supposed to provide work of equal value as compared to a physician for instance).

Typhon was merely telling you that (should you choose to believe there actually IS a "wage gap" when properly controlled for variables), you simply have your head up your ass.  :)  There have been numerous, I repeat NUMEROUS studies done that show that in certain occupations (like legal work for instance) when these controls are used women make MORE than thier male counterparts.

This has been discussed at length, and I find it a bit difficult to believe you missed the threads...although I am not at all inclined to find it for you, there are several threads that address this issue directly.

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