U.S. Congress to the rescue of women in Darfur

Started by zarby, Apr 04, 2006, 10:14 AM

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Legislation will help stop sexual violence against women in areas hit by disaster and devastation, says Globe

A bill in Congress filed by New York Democrat Nita Lowey would help protect women in places like Darfur from sexual violence and abuse.  According to the Boston Globe:

"Waiting to provide this array of protections would be a mistake. Resources that aren't set up early are often permanently delayed. Those efforts that do occur are small and privately funded when what's needed is a comprehensive, well-funded response."


The good congresswoman is concerned about women in Darfur.

Q. Where the heck is Darfur?
A. The Sudan!!!!

We are going to send over the Feminazis in C130s to raise hell in Darfur?
(I am all for it -- air drop them but with no parachutes)

Let me see. Do we have any problems nearby that need attention?

I guess her constituants are calling her night and day complaining
about sexual assaults occuring in Darfur, Sudan?

A good percentage of divorced men cannot see their own children.

A good percentage of divorced men cannot get needed child support modifications

This congress woman is worried about the women of Darfur, Sudan?

I need to learn to make that noise that the "Rude Guy" makes  to properly express my disgust.


Have you notice that no congresswomen or U.S. Senator women cares about male issues, or concerns.


Can you post a link to the article?


Thanks for the link.

Amnesty International doesn't have any credibility on "violence against women" issues.  They completely ignore the fact that roughly 1/3 of DV victims in the United States are men.  They also criticize countries for not doing anything to prevent "violence against women" but are silent on the issue of males-only conscription, which is one of the most common forms of sex discrimination in the world.

As for the editorial itself, it's obviously written by a hardcore feminazi.  The lead paragraph mentions the facts that women and children are frequently killed, raped, enslaved, and starved in war, yet doesn't mention that all of those (even rape) happen to men during war, too.


The obsurdity is boundless. What can a law passed in the U.S.A. possibly do to effect any change in the Sudan? Regardless of men or women being the victims what about the Distinguished Lady from New York worrying about her own district and her own country?
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.

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