Feminist college professor encourage vandalism.

Started by ThePatriarch, Apr 14, 2006, 08:56 AM

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As an aside, this Michelle Malkin is quite interesting - maybe she's more known in the US, but first time I have heard of her...



She is female, she has Filipino parents, and it appears (from what I've read) she can't stand people playing the race card, or feminists.  She could have cruised through her journalist career playing both cards (after all, being female and an ethnic minority is a good hand these days) - but instead she's one of the few outspoken women. Hat off to her.

Little Lion

Quote from: "ThePatriarch"

When they do it, it is their righteous wrath, when their opponents do it, it is pure evil.  Double standards as usual.

And look at her definition of freespeech:

It is freespeech to remove the freedom of expression of others, if you feel rigtheous outrage.

So ideas that offend cannot be expressed.  Or rather ideas that offend feminists cannot be expressed.

The professor does not understand common morality. Abortion is morally unresolvable and cannot be decided by common morality; the question must be transferred to the legal and political system for resolution. In general, civil disobedience is controversial--the strongest possible moral argument in favor of it will find it  weakly morally justified, since significant numbers of equally-informed, impartial rational persons oppose civil disobedience. In this case a majority of persons would probably oppose the destruction of the display. There is the question of the morally relevant facts in connection with any purported good that would come out of the destruction of the display. Being offended -- an emotional state -- is not sufficient reason to justify this act of civil disobedience. In any case, the persons responsible will be subject to the law. I expect the professor to be in for a rough legal ride, since she is protecting her students.


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