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Started by sorryisntgoodenough, Apr 17, 2006, 09:59 AM

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Thought it might be a good idea to follow this in real time, as the case is laid out.  As of now, Nifong says his AV has a %100 ID on 2 rapists, and %90 on 1 other.  Defense still maintains complete innocence.  It would seem the prosecutions case relies heavily on Nifong having some kind of evidence he has yet to reveal.  Protesters are teeming in front of the house at 610 North Buchanan demanding a confession.  For reference, here are the photos as described by Dan Abrams and the Durham-Sun:

12:00:12 to 12:02:16 - the girls were partially naked, dancing in the living room surrounded on the 3 sides by dozens of men sitting on couches and chairs. the accuser was missing a shoe already. One guy in the last picture of this 2 minute set was giving the thumbs down.

Midnight: The dancer is sprawled on her stomach on the floor, as a second dancer stands over her. Students are watching the show but not grabbing or attempting to touch the women. Bruises are clearly visible on the legs and thighs of the alleged victim.

12:01:16: The second dancer is lying on her back on the floor with the alleged rape victim kneeling over her.

12:03ish - the women stop dancing possibly because of the alleged broomstick comment.

12:03:57 - women leaving, and going towards the back of the house. the guys say that's when the girls locked themselves in the bathroom. the accuser was supposedly in there fixing her nails, and the other dancer was getting dressed preparing to leave. the guys were on the outside the door telling them to leave.

12:03:57: The dancers are leaving the room after performing for four minutes. The photo clearly shows that the alleged victim left one of her shoes behind as she departed.

27 minutes go by while both girls are in the bathroom

12:10:39: One of the Duke students apparently is passed out on the floor, his head leaning against a sofa, a crushed beer can at his side.

12:30:12 to 12:30:47 - accuser is standing on the steps wearing a red and black lace top bodysuit and one white high heel shoe. She's smiling and holding a cell phone.

12:30:12: The alleged victim is on the back porch. She has a shoe only on her left foot as she appears to smile and apparently tries to get back inside.

12:31:26: The alleged victim appears to be stumbling down the back steps of the house.

12:37:58 - 12:38:18 - accuser lying on stairs, cuts, and abrasions visible. happened when she fell. fresh nail polish was on the handrail. it wasn't on the other handrail pick before she went out there. all of her clothing is intact

12:37:58: A series of photos beginning at this time shows the woman lying on her left side on the back porch, seemingly passed out or asleep. Pink splotches are on a wrought-iron railing beside her.

12:41: The alleged victim is being helped into the car.

12:41:32 - leg of accuser hanging out of door. this man carried her out to Kims car


12:30:12 to 12:30:47 - accuser is standing on the steps wearing a red and black lace top bodysuit and one white high heel shoe. She's smiling and holding a cell phone.

If she was raped why didn't she make a call to 911 then when she was on the phone.

Better yet, WHO was that call to. I am sure phone records can be obtained.
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I am sure phone records can be obtained

Those could be the smoking gun.  I'm trying to look at this as objectively as possible, but it still looks as if all the prosecution has is the need and want for a rape to have occured to make Nifong look good, while the defense has hard evidence that corroborates their claim of innocence.  GJ went to lunch at 1300.  They're waiting on another set of DNA?  So she was doing her nails in the bathroom during the 27 minute gap?  Makes sense to me.  I think the guys were trying to slip her money under the door just to get her to leave, as they knew what she might be capable of....

dr e

Not sure what to make of this:


April 17, 2006, 2:26PM
Grand Jury Adjourns in Duke Lacrosse Case

By TIM WHITMIRE Associated Press Writer
2006 The Associated Press

DURHAM, N.C. -- A grand jury adjourned Monday without any public indictments against Duke University lacrosse team players, but it was not immediately clear whether the panel even took up the rape allegations against them.

Eighty-one indictments were returned by the panel. It was unclear whether possible indictments in the Duke case may have been under seal or among the 24 cases "carried forward" to be heard at a later date.

A 27-year-old black woman told police she was attacked March 13 by three white men in a bathroom at a party held by the lacrosse team.

Attorneys for lacrosse team members had expected the panel to hear on Monday from District Attorney Mike Nifong, who for more than a month has been investigating the allegations made by the woman.

Defense attorneys for the players did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The next session of the grand jury is scheduled to be held in two weeks.
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


It doesn't look good and the DA seems to be using some pretty iffy legal tactics.

April 17, 2006 -- A grand jury in Durham, N.C. handed up two sealed indictments in the Duke lacrosse rape investigation today.

A sealed indictment does not mean an arrest must be made though it does provide the prosecutor leverage with potential defendants who believe once their names are public their reputations will be destroyed.

The sealed indictments put the attorneys for the accused in a touchy position because they will be told their client has been indicted but not what the charge is and how many counts, making it difficult to defend.

Questions Remain

A 27-year-old woman told police she was attacked March 13 by three men in a bathroom at a party held by the lacrosse team. Players have maintained a wall of silence, and there have been reports that the woman is able to positively identify two and nearly positively identify a third suspect based on their pictures.

However, a complete lack of DNA evidence was found on the woman from any players on the lacrosse team.

As of early Monday, sources told ABC News that police were still investigating who was and who was not at the party, and there's been a lot of contact between prosecutors and defense attorneys asking for information to help determine who was there.

Questions also remain on when the identifications came from the photographs and how prosecutors will proceed with a lack of DNA evidence. There also is audio from police and a security guard on the scene saying the alleged victim did not ask for help and appeared to be intoxicated the night of the incident.

So it is a case of "Hey! We have charges on two of your boys so they better fess up and turn on their buddies or they are going to be nailed! Oh, the charges? Nope, we are not going to tell you and no you will not be allowed to confront your accuser but it isn't like it is a secret trial system. We can always just splash their names all over the news with whatever claims we want and drop it all after ruining their lives unless they do what we want."


The sealed indictments put the attorneys for the accused in a touchy position because they will be told their client has been indicted but not what the charge is and how many counts, making it difficult to defend.

I have seen this game at the circus, its played with three shells..... WTF?
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An indictment doesn't mean much. A Grand Jury can pretty much indict a ham sandwich if they want to because they have a lot of leway. The trial jury is a different story.
You may sleep soundly at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence upon those who seek to harm you.


This is a much better link with some info on the security guard that found her at Krogers. Very interesting that SHE claimed that there was no way the woman was raped the way she acted and also that the woman who complained she wouldn't get out of her car had an interesting tale. Remember that 911 call about the racial slurs? She claims she just picked up the accuser after hearing racist slurs shouted at her but she was in the pictures as the second dancer at the party!

On the tape, the guard recounts the conversation she had with the the dancer who came into the store: The woman told the guard she was driving down the street and heard people yelling racial slurs at a woman she had never met before, then, out of sympathy, she picked up the woman and brought her to the Kroger parking lot.

This contradicts the scenario that the two women were dancing together for lacrosse players earlier that night. ABC News has seen photos of both women dancing in the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd.

Yeah, the DA isn't doing this for political pandering to woo the female and minority extremist votes!

We REALLY need a sarcasm flag! :idea:


The sealed indictments put the attorneys for the accused in a touchy position because they will be told their client has been indicted but not what the charge is and how many counts, making it difficult to defend.:

Easy enough surely - just keep quiet, make no statements and generally make sure your public appearance is hat of innocent uni student who doesn't give a toss about the case because they know they are innocent.

They don't need to defend the charges until the trial (if there is one), and if they are arrested they will find out the charges -  until they should just sit tight and try not to worry about the charges!


So they indicted the two guys that she "%100 identified".  They'll be arrested, and released on bond.  Looks like the defense is just going by the letter of the law, and waiting for either Nifong or Crystal to step in it.


The only crime that I can see they could possibly be charged with is serving alcohol to minors, but that is hard to prove.  I"m getting really sick of "well, these guys should have known better".  They're adults, they can hire as many strippers as they want to.  Thats not a crime in this country.  When you hear people say that, its just a last ditch effort to criminalize masculinity itself.  Drudge has the security guard's contradiction plastered on his headline.  Jesse Jackson went on CNN and aid he is concerned about "white men out there fantisizing about black women!!!".  Sure Jesse, Dominique Simone, Sierra, Dee, Midori....


I love it. "Secret Indictments". Uh oh, the Duke Lax Team is on "double secret probation"!


Jesse Jackson thinks there should be a law to prevent white men from fantasizing over black women.  Well, I'm getting pretty fucking pissed off, as I transmit this post from the Hookah cafe on OSU campus, staring down the ass of a black Morrocan chick while proudly wearing a DUKE LACROSSE t-shirt to piss off and alienate anyone in sight.  I'm tired of these fucking circus courts that serve no other purpose than to create a climate of fear for straight men.  It looks like the two guys got indicted on the worst charge, forcible rape and larceny:,2933,192075,00.html

Does the fact that there are a disproportional number of fat and ugly chicks in the USA contribute to all of this rape hysteria?  Don't answer that. this is seriously pissing me off



now Geraldo is predicting a guilty plea by week's end.  And now I"m hearing she claimed they stole $2000 from her plus the rape....


ZAHN: Reverend Jackson joins me now.

Always good to see you. You see the issue of race involved in this case. The -- the idea that white men hire black women to strip for them is -- quote -- "That fantasy is as old as slave masters impregnating young slave girls."

Are you saying this alleged victim was raped because she was black?

REVEREND JESSE JACKSON, FOUNDER, RAINBOW/PUSH COALITION: There's a race/sex/class intrigue in the situation.

And the idea of white males fantasizing about black women is -- is quite old, quite -- and quite ugly, and now quite illegal. And that's why we really want the truth to be told. We want justice served. And we want the law to serve as a -- as a deterrent.


Well Reverend, I must respectfully disagree.  You see there was Joey, a Haitian black woman working in Frankfurt, who grabbed me for the sole reason of sex.  She had huge tits and I don't think I"ve ever come that quickly, it was really over before it started, she was that fucking hot.  Then there was Jennifer, a black woman from London, also working as a hooker in the Red Light district.  She always made me fuck her from behind, don't know why.  I thought she really liked me, until the third time I fucked her, she just kind of laid there, buffing her nails and watching her television.  Those are the only names I can recall of the many black women, that I, a white conservative republican, have fucked, most of them in exchange for money, about 50DEM, or 30 USD.  Would you like to indict me on rape charges Reverend?  Are you going to sick Mike Nifong on me?  I'd love to see that, you can call all of those chicks to the witness stand and they can tell you how much they loved it.  It's just pussy Jesse, its all pink on the inside.

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