TX fathers making progress, need support

Started by woof, Apr 22, 2006, 05:10 AM

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For those fathers in Texas, a rally May 11th.
Since this is a private email I get from this group so I took out the phone #.
If anyone wants it you can PM me, or google "People for Equal Parenting" for their web site.

Progress is being made when family court judges start to whine like this:

"What are we going to do with the guy who protests there by the courthouse? He is irritating me..."

Spread the word, if a few protesters are irritating, 1000 protesters will be worth listening too.....now that we have their attention, we have to act on it!

People for Equal Parenting announces the Huntsville, Texas, PEP-Rally.  In honor of Mother's Day on Thursday May 11, 2006 People for Equal Parenting will host a rally and march in Huntsville.  Marchers will include moms and dads, students, grandparents who can't see their children because of TX's child custody laws, and all citizens who've decided the time has come to Restore the Traditional American Family.  Marchers will assemble in the 11th Street McDonald's parking lot at 11 a.m. and march to the courthouse where they will hear presentations by leaders from People for Equal Parenting.  Rally organizer and PEP board-of-directors member, Mark Bitara, invites everyone to come support freedom, dignity, and restoring the rule of law to Texas families.  Student leaders from Sam Houston State University are co-sponsoring the march.  For more information call.....

PEP is proud of our courageous members, sympathizers, and especially our student leaders who've stepped out front to do what's right.

Certain politicians in Walker County, TX, on the other hand, have a reaction other than pride when witnessing citizens who know and assert their human rights.  Mark Bitara sent me the following email today:

Team, I thought that this is significant enough to share with you.

You may recall that a few days ago I have called and emailed the Walker County Judge, Danny Pierce, to ask if I needed permission to use the courthouse gazebo for our May 11 rally in Huntsville.

A few moments ago, Mr. Pierce called to ask why I called. And I told him why. He asked if our number will fit in the gazebo, and I replied that I don't know since I don't know how many will attend.

He then said, yes, we can use the gazebo. Now, he said that since I was already on the phone with him, he wanted to ask me some questions/make comments. Among them:

1. The 3 x 6 banner (announcing the May 11 rally) that I hang from a ramp railing whenever I demonstrate by the courthouse - he said that it was owned by the Texas DOT and if I had no permission to hang it there, a legal issue may come up.  

2. He asked when I would quit. He said that my demonstration is becoming like a game. I replied: I will only quit when the legislation we deserve is passed. (Any opinion how Judge Pierce would think it is "becoming like a game"? I do not feel like I was having fun standing there in 40 or 90 degree weather.)

3. He said that he has been receiving many calls from businesses complaining of the noise (from honkers).

4. He said that "it is illegal to honk according to state statutes, except when it is done to avoid an accident". (Maybe correct. So those state troopers and police officers who honked violated the law?)

Team, especially the lawyers on this list, please give me your advice.

See you on the May 11 rally.

PS: A retired lawyer who is sympathetic to our cause pulled me aside when he saw me at the library a few days ago. He said that during a local bar meeting, a family court judge made this remark to the assembly: "What are we going to do with the guy who protests there by the courthouse? He is irritating me..."

Even a whole village can't replace dad, children need both parents.


I'll be there.
The leaders of this group are of highest quality.

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