The Power of a Contract

Started by Psyle, Apr 22, 2006, 06:07 AM

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I'm just curious. If you wrote up a contract with a woman you decide to sleep with (dates are left open ended) that any and all children created by your sexual relationship are to remain her sole responsibility. This would include removing the male from all parenting roles and prohibiting him from taking part in the child's at any point in the future.

If someone drew up a contract like that w/ the help of a lawyer, could it hold up? Kinda similar to a sperm donor contract, in a sense.

Anyone seen or heard of something like this?


Wouldn't work. A contract that violates existing law is invalid. Since the laws in place say a man must pay child support any contract with non payment of child support in it would be null and void. You screwed any way you look at it.
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Wow, so even if a man is a sperm donor, no contract in the world can make it clear he is not to be involved?

Women just get more and more scary by the minute don't they?

I don't think I can fathom the hell a lesbian couple would put each other through since they have just as much domestic violence as heterosexual couples.    :shock:


Something else to think about is that the child is a third party. Even if the friendly folks at the Child Support Agency were to recognize a contract (which they aren't going to do, and neither is a judge if the woman wants her money ...), you can't make a contract with regard to a (non-signing) third party's rights or responsibilities. Well, you can make it, but it won't do much.


My understanding of the law is that a woman can't make a contract for her children; the law sees the money as belonging to the kids.

I would think one could make a contract with a woman that would penalize her financially if she applied for child support. The father would still have to pay child support, but under the contract she would have to reimburse him.
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Hah, so you could make a contract that stated, in the case child support is demanded by the woman, she will be immediately responsible to pay the man (at the same time child support is due, and no later) 150% of the amount asked for in child support.

This would hold up? Hmmmm. I'ld be quite amused to put something like this into action.  :twisted:


What do you guys think of this?

I came across it and wondered if it was a total scam.


Any contract is only as good as the expectation that all parties will honor their word at the risk of intolerable consequence if they do not.
Legal contracts are broken all the time, with the expectation that the offended
party cannot, or will not, pursue costly litigation, or of course, will be  subject to unfounded punishment!  

'Round here 'bout the worst thing a man can call another man is "LIAR".
Spit and a handshake, MAYBE written words, is a contract.
It gets fairly lonely pretty quick for persistant *sigh*indian givers(a term we grew up with since schoolyard sociology)and folk that consistantly weasle out of their word once given. The amount of atonement needed to ammend such a state of affairs FAR outweighs the effort required to keep ones word.

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