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Started by realman, Apr 26, 2006, 11:32 AM

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Since it's admin day and all, and since most admin professionals are female, I think we men should stand our ground and make it know that we will NOT stand for the unfair bestowing of free lunches out and flower bouquests upon these mostly-female admins. Men are just as entitled to lunches and flowers and women are, yet it is WOMEN who get most of the lucnhes and flowers. It really is unfair because we as men are told we CAN'T be admins and few of us are able to get jobs as admins... it's just not fair that we men have to do other jobs and that most of us can't be admins and enjoy the free lunches and flowers.

Ok, so I'm kidding... but it was kinda fun to look at something like this in the same way that feminists look at so many things in life! (ooo! ooo! some men have something some women (i.e., ME!) don't have! It's OPPRESSION, I tells ya... :roll: )


Just for the fun of it: Any of you fellas out there ever worked as an admin and gotten stiffed on admin assistant day?
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Let's also make it Project Manager day... I like flowers
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How 'bout "Engineer Day"... I always like it when the VP buys me lunch...

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