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Started by contrarymary, Apr 25, 2006, 06:50 PM

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Robbie is now 9 months old.  He has teeth and he crawls backward.  He backs himself into a corner, then cries when he can't get out.

He also cries whenever anyone sneezes.... :shock:   What's up with that?

He has big blue eyes and blond hair just like my daughter did at his age.

He smiles most of the time he is awake. He is a BIG BOY - he's going to be tall and stocky - maybe even a football player like his father, although I think he should play the piano too.... :D

He loves music, his snake toy, grabbing cookies from his Poppop's hands (my ex husband), and I want a wonderful future for this beautiful little boy.

Yo, Robbie! Your Italian Nana loves you.
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that is cute
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Quote from: "contrarymary"
Yo, Robbie! Your Italian Nana loves you.
CM have you been experiencing any urges to start dressing all in black? :wink:
Great to get some news BTW.
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That's such a nice breathe of fresh air.   He sounds adorable.

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