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Started by blackmanx, May 13, 2006, 09:55 AM

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Friends, I had an epiphany this morning while on my way to the campus library ( yes, I go there on Saturdays too).

A Tyrant who rises to power through manipulation and deception is ultimately doomed to be deposed and vanquished. This applies both to male tyrants and female tyrants. I'm not worried about
Hillary anymore, even though she's a man-hating feminazi with delusions of grandeur.

I have renewed faith in men and women. In the 1970s, Title IX was passed to help girls in education. Now, the tide has turned against the boys and MRAs ( men's rights activists) who are demanding change in education to help men and boys find their supporters are women - yes, women....who are the mothers of boys.
Mothers and fathers seeing that schools discriminate against male students are demanding a return to all-boys-schools, to cater to the needs of their sons.

MRAs who are advocating for Father's Rights in the whole Parental Alienation Syndrome ( the custodial parent, usually the mother, maliciously prevents the kids from seeing dad) find that their supporters are some young men and women who grew up Fatherless thanks to mum. The person who founded the domestic abuse hotline for men is a woman. Need I say more ?

It doesn't matter if Hillary rises to power, and is supported by misandrists worldwide. She will use her power to hurt men. But, In the end, she will only make herself the most hated woman in history, like Countess Elisabeth Bathory of Romania before her. She will hurt the sons and daughters of the same women she claims to represent and eventually, she will lose her support from them. A coalition of MEN AND WOMEN will defeat the Tyrant when the time comes.

I wish to convey these words of hope to my fellow men and women, and anyone who cares about men's health, men's education and men's issues.

Once, there was this couple where a woman divorced her husband and prevented him from seeing their son. The son grew up hearing his mother demeaning his father's name. When he came of age, he demanded answers from her. She still wouldn't mend her ways. He abandoned her, and actively sought his father out, eventually finding him. Now, father and son share a wonderful relationship.

Many MRAs out there try to get the message out to men and women and children everywhere that the justice system and indeed,
the government itself is biased against men and routinely violates men's rights and openly discriminates against them. It affects all of society, whether they admit it or not and will have an impact
on generations to come.

Think of boys growing up without fathers. They are more likely to join gangs and do poorly in the same schools which discriminate against boys and ignore their educational needs. Those boys don't
get to go to college. They end up on the wrong side of the tracks.
And when their female classmates emerge from college, they won't
find any men to share their lives with. Because, regardless of what ideology you believe in, men and women still need each other.
Basic DNA shows it.

What you're looking at is a future where a lot of educated women lead unfulfilled and lonely lives and have no mates.
And there aren't a lot of educated young men to be with them.
It's a world out of balance and the hurt will be felt on both sides.

A few men and women have realized this. They are already taking steps to change them.

A man who got abused by his wife is suing the state because domestic violence shelters refused him help simply because of his gender. If he had been a woman, this would have been illegal. But they apparently don't care about males.

Male activists want their say in unplanned pregnancies.

A boy and his father are taking the Education System to court because they discriminate against boys.

Change is a slow process. There is hope. I just hope men and
women everywhere will wake up. Someday, the men will realize that the world they helped build has turned against them and they will do something about it.

Someday, some women will look at the laws which are hurting their men ( the same woman who doesn't care about her husband or other men will fight you to death if you threaten her son !) and demand change. They will call the government on the abuse against men which is perpetrated in their name.

I wish the best of luck to all the people on this planet who are trying to better their lives and find justice, peace and happiness.
There is hope, people.

We are about to go through the crucible but I'm confident we'll
emerge better than we came in.


y book, Men's Rights Activists.

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