Did anybody watch HBO’s Baghdad ER Sunday night?

Started by johnnyp, May 22, 2006, 04:50 AM

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I choose not to watch shows like this because it devastates me. I remember when "Apocolypse Now" was released...I had only been a civilian for a few months...this was the first "realistic" war movie up to that time. Prior movies showed the "glory" of war and death while AP up there on the big screen brought me right back to some memories...thank heavens the movies cannot portray the smells.

I remember stumbling out of the movie theatre in a complete daze. I left the woman I had taken to the movies inside. I don't remember what happened to her as I was off and away someplace else. I do remember that I wandered the streets deathly afraid that I would kill anyone who got too close to me. Those were the days when civilians treated anyone in uniform as a baby killer. I hated civilians. I hated female civilians even more.

Both male and female civilians, through the media of the day expressed their disgust for military men. I always found it fascinating however that they all seemed to relish war movies. I think they-especially women-revel in the realistic portrayal of dismembering violence. It is akin to pornography with them IMHO.

I was always acutely aware that my experiences, no matter what, were still my responsibility as I had been a volunteer soldier.

The army turned me into an MRA even in those days. I saw fellow "soldiers" who were safe from combat roles because they were female. Imagine the laughs I got when I commented to our Sgt. Major that the female soldiers must get paid less as they need not fear combat.

Imagine my first reactions of disbelief when I had occassion to work along side American infantrymen and discover that in their country they had delightful things called "selective service" that only they were subjected to.

I know I'm rambling. My bottom line is that I agree completely with you. Where are the angry and shocked voices shouting at the injustice at seeing 99% men injured and killled? I am SO SICK of hearing our armed forces referred to as our "men and women" as if women played a significant role.

All this stuff makes me sick. I remember when the Brits did the Faulkland Islands invasion...a FEMALE PM ordering MALES to their deaths...I cannot stomach that stuff.

I think that serving and protecting one's home and country is an honourable calling. I think it is about time that women sidled up to the bar an pulled their weight.

BTW, my daughter joined cadets a few months ago and last night was her  squadron's parade....I nearly burst into tears as she smartly marched past me...go figure...

...it was all I could do not to jump to the parade commands...lol...
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