Web inventor warns of 'dark' net

Started by Julian, May 23, 2006, 11:49 AM

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Off topic a bit but I felt it an important message for all MRAs and any other group who suffered from media discrimination.

Let's not just make this world a better place let's make it a great place eh?

Can't do that whilst the likes of hilter's, stallin's Eric Cartmans and Ronald Mcdonalds are ruling the world!

The web should remain neutral and resist attempts to fragment it into different services, web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said.



How would that work, exactly?

I make it a hard and fast rule that I never pay for anything on the internet. Information should be free, and if someone is charging for it, then I get it somewhere else.


I remember in the mid nineties at an IT conference all the finance boffins whinging about the internet being "free". Seems they're still at it.
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I remember the days of the early nineties when any internet user was labelled as a peado or a bomb maker.

We've come a long way since then.

Sir Percy

The monetary 'free' of the internet is sleight of hand. It actually costs quite a bit and some 'providers' get paid handsomely. Telecommunications carriers seem to have the best deal. Who doesn't get paid are the legions of writers who put stuff on it, people who spend their time creating the pages, the sites, the blogs etc. The unsung and unpaid providers.

The capitalist system would have a user pays principle. We have that only in part. Instead of i'net connection fees, carrier fees etc, there could just as easily be a user fee with a price per page read set, say a 20th of a cent, which is then split amongst the input providers, the telecoms, the ISPs etc. That way the page 'owner' would recieve an income commensurate with his/her readability and popularity/usefulness. Even at 100th of a cent as a share those sites which get the thousands of hits a day would soon get a tidy income. It could be a service/accounting provision of the carriers who already have billing systems in place. Even cut and paste items could be tracked and the authors paid. Just think how much MRA sites would get in!

The issue isn't going to go away. It will need to be resolved.
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The effect works similar to "traffic shaping" where the routers prioritize packets based on paid preference. So basically if you want your website to be seen you'll pay providers to extend a higher priority to packets coming to a from you site.

Scary part is all the physical hardware is already in place. They are merely squabbling over the right to activate the software
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