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Started by Amber, Sep 03, 2003, 11:22 PM

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Plough through the feminists as in "with a tank" ?  Or as in ploughing (wink wink) those feminists?

I think Amber probably just wanted to say "colon"


Okay.  Here's the deal folks...

My oldest started Kindergarten Tuesday.  Went into the classroom yesterday and saw that the teacher had written out the Pledge of Allegiance on a giant poster board and hung it in the classroom.  Sounds great, right?  Sure, except for the fact that she spelled allegiance, "alligence".  I went back in today thinking that SURELY one of the EIGHT teachers/aides would mention it to her and she would fix it.  Evidently I was wrong.  

THEN, I get home and Jake gives me a note from the teachers with the following line in it:

"We would like to thank everyone for there support and donations".

Yes, this is kindergarten and yes, I am some kind of spelling freak but come on.  This is ridiculous and it doesn't bode well, not one bit.

How bothered would y'all be in this situation?
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Quote from: "Dr Evil"
Well, maybe to just make Cog feel better we can rename this thread the "Taming of the Through." :1blue1:

You're being speechist, Dr. Evil!!   :x That's discrimination against people with lisps!
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<<How bothered would y'all be in this situation?>>

I think it would bother anyone if the teacher doesn't even know simple things like that.

That's the state of modern education, though.  I'm sure someone will nail me for saying this, but my impression was that some of the dumbest people went into education at my college, and that could further be broken down into the dumbest of the dumb going into elementary education.  That's not true in all cases, but the standards in the education college are INCREDIBLY low.  The roommate of my girlfriend in college was majoring in elementary education, and she had to make poster boards and think up fun things to do with crayons.  That's it, and ... I'm ... not ... kidding.  I couldn't believe she got a degree; in conversations she didn't even have a dim awareness of the most basic things.  I know that some smart people also go into education, but the low standards kind of drag everyone down.  

Even preparation for teachers at the high-school level involves more of a focus on the psychology of learning and the like, and not much focus on knowledge and facts.  So these students get out in the real world with not much knowledge to impart to their pupils, but all of the psychology of learning also goes out the window when they face reality in the classroom.

Combine that with powerful teachers' unions that actively work against the testing of teachers, affirmative action to the extent that they don't seem to CARE if teachers don't know math or spelling or English or anything else, and also affirmative action starting in the college selection of teachers, and you've got a good recipe for what you see going on.

dr e

I would like to make a public apology for my screechism.  Bilbo is correct. It was speechist.  Their was no reason for me to go thru with such a perticularly hateful message.  

Neb - I think I would be saddened that the teachers were so clueless.  There's not a whole lot you can do about that.  :(

Galt -  LOL about the education majors!  I think they may not have had the same brainpower as the engineering folks but that 's not what they needed for their job.  They needed to be able to relate to kids.  Know what I mean?
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maibi it wuld help if thuh werds we uzed wure speld fonetikully insted uv thuh wai wi uzualli spel them.  Perhaps evin teechurs wuld spel them rite.  Naah.  I dout it.  It makes mi think uv an old saiing that goez: make a fulproof system, and a ful wil beet it.
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Reeding mai post agan made mi si haow haard it iz tu reed mispeld sentensez.  It'z evun hardur tu rite them.  It'z akchooaly eezeer tu spel thuh sentensez rite than tu mispel them and stil bi abul tu understan what I am saiing.  Bai thu wai, mi spelchekur quit aftur tryeng to fiks mai post's mispeld wurds.
Remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye."  --Jesus Christ
NAB Matthew 7:5


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Quote from: "Cog"
...Or as in ploughing (wink wink) those feminists?

Give me liberty or give me death.


Tact is for those lacking sufficient wit for sarcasm.


<<They needed to be able to relate to kids. Know what I mean?>>

That's true.  But I think the standards in education have fallen with regard to knowledge - the smart people who go into that area are not challenged, and some of the smart people who consider that major are turned off by the low academic standards.  You have to also know something to be able to teach something.

If I look back on it, one of the best teachers I had in high school was very strict, very smart, and he demanded a lot from his students.  He wasn't the best-liked teacher, but in retrospect I learned a LOT more in his class than I did from the most popular teacher.

Another aspect to this is that education majors may not KNOW if they can relate to kids or not.  As I understand it, there is very little real classroom experience until senior year when they may help out in a real classroom.

Some, or many, education majors are actually shocked in their first year when they really have to teach a class.  It's not at all like they pictured it.  In some inner-city high schools, experience as a bouncer may be more helpful than anything learned in college.

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