Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

Started by shatteredmen, May 28, 2006, 05:28 PM

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Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

Please copy the message below and send it to your local media and to anyone you can think of that can get this word out.   ken

A woman stands up to her husband finally...after years and years of
being abused. She faces him and tells him that she wants her thing she knows he is so angry...she fears that he
will do something out of extreme anger, and hides under the
fear she hears his menacing tone as he says "get out from under that
bed you Bi___!"

Is this abuse?

Would you call 911?

My impression on that situation is that most people would not call
911, and would in fact laugh at this situation right?

I say that because I got a joke via email the other day, here is the

"A man and his friends were talking at the golf course, and Fred
could not believe that Ted was allowed to go golfing with his buds
on this day...out of the jostling, he asks Ted how he accomplished
such a task...Ted says "I finally took a stance, and told Amy what
is going to be...I told her I was going out and that was the final
say in this situation" Fred then asked what Amy said in response to
which Ted replied "Get out from under that bed you Son of a Bi___"

Is this abuse?

Would you call 911?

A woman fears her husband daily now, because during their marriage
she knows that he has taken whatever is in his hands, and struck her
with it in the past out of she came home from grocery
shopping and he had a rolling pin in his hands...if he hit her with
it would that be abuse?

Apparently not... according to all the jokes I have heard regarding
a female lying in wait with a rolling pin for her husband it is not
abuse, and a rolling pin is just another comedic implement in which
to beat someone as a joke

What if a guy took a cast iron skillet to his partner? According to
jokes flying around the net, this is not abuse either since a cast
iron skillet does not hurt men when they are hit with them...they
too are just another way to have some fun...

Hi there, my name is Tami Pepperman. I am a Victim Advocate, and the
majority of my clientele base is battered men. I am asking that you
please contact everyone you know, and let them know about domestic
violence against men. I am asking that we implement June as Domestic
Violence Against Men Awareness that we can get the needed
help where it belongs.

So many people have a swayed view of men being the only group of
people that are able to abuse, and that is not the truth at
all...Men are being battered daily. Young men are being raped, and
abused and people are accepting this!

Did you all see American Pie? Wasn't that the most hilarious thing
you ever saw????? That part about Stifler's mom having sex with that
boy is just the bomb! What if Stifler's dad raped and molested one
of the teenage girls in that movie? Would that have been just as

Maybe you are in the older generation...Porky's was a great movie
too! Wasn't that part about the male child sticking his penis
through the girl's shower so funny? And then when that female
teacher grabbed a hold of it...omg I thought I would bust a gut! I
wonder if it would have been just as funny had a male teacher
fondled one of the female students...

Did you all see Birth? That sad one about Nicole Kidman being a
widow, and thinking that a ten year old boy was the incarnation of
her dead husband? I thought it was just so emotional when she french
kissed that ten year old actor....when anyone tried to explain that
that was against the law...they said that that ten year old was an
ACTOR...I guess it is not molestation, and corrupting a minor as
long as the child is an actor...because after all, actor children
can consent better than "regular" children right?

We cannot promote this acceptance of abuse against males anymore...I
implore you all to rise above this, and do something...Provide
advocacy for those in need! Don't turn your backs, turn it
911, or someone to help a battered man or male child who is being
abused...Humans are being conditioned to accept this type of
behavior....through the media, and has become such a norm
that it is not even noticed!

Make June, Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

Tami Pepperman

Endorsed by

Battered Husband Support

Pastor Ken Deemer Director
Shattered Men
astor Kenneth Deemer

Director Shattered Men
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