The "Father Factor" - How to blame Dad

Started by Christiane, May 30, 2006, 06:01 AM

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OK, my turn to be angry.   Going about morning stuff, GMA on in background, report comes on.   Robin Roberts saying, "we always hear about how the mother is to blame, now we're learning problems we have in the workplace can be directly attributed to our relationship with our FATHERS"    (right, mothers are always blamed in the media - what planet is she on?)

This is the biggest bunch of BS I've heard in a long time.   This PhD, Stephen Poulter, has written a book describing the 5 types of fathers - oh, yes, you guessed it, only the last type is favorable at all.  

He identifies five major types of fathers such as the "Superachiever," "Time Bomb," "Passive," "Absent" and "Compassionate/Mentor."

The article doesn't even begin to describe how slanted the interview was.   Poulter even asserts that perhaps the reason women can't break the "glass ceiling" is because they had an "Absent" father - he claims 40% of women do.   Right - "Absent" is when Dad is there, but works so f*cking much he's not there every second to fawn over princess and prop up her fragile self-esteem.   My elaboration of course.   By that reasoning, Hubs is certainly "Absent" -  what a total CROCK !   Give me a break.   The bias was so blatant.

Poulter suggests that when you finally realize how your father has victimized you by hampering your ability to perform in the workplace, you should seek support, and explain to your co-workers why you can't respond effictively in certain situations.   Because your dad was a "Time Bomb" for example, you might shy away from conflict.

And Roberts was fawning all over him, like he's the new guru of why women just can't seem to scale that wall.    We've finally figured it out.   Blame Dad.    I'll be sending them an email.


Call Congress!.......we need a new government program to handle this disaster!   :shock:
Even a whole village can't replace dad, children need both parents.


I can't believe it. This clown has a chance to focus on why dads are important and he fucks it right up. But maybe that's by design. Why would women want to buy a book that celebrated fathers? Let's beat the bastards around the head for all our failings.

I'm no cerebral powerhouse and I will never have a PHD but I say his exercises read like psychobabble.


That is such bullshit

1) Classic "find a man to blame" propaganda
2) One's parents can influence who you become, but they do not create who you become as an adult.
3) Good fathers are an oddity
 woman needs a man like a fish needs water


So, are there any other problems/failures of women that are left that hasn't somehow been blamed on men?  Gesh!  Next they'll be blaming menstration on us because the first three letters are M E N.....

My gowd!  What is this world coming to.

The Man On The Street is on the street for a reason.......
It's not illegal to be male.....yet.


You're watching GMA and expecting gender balance/equality? One does not watch tv or listen to talk radio or read newspapers and expect to see men/fathers portrayed favorably. (Yes, previous statement is a generalization) Not even the Great Men's Channel, SPIKEtv will dare offend mainstream feminists.

Shows like this "preach to the choir". They give the audience what the audience expects to hear. GMA and others like it became even more feminized as men left the sinking ship called the Democratic Party and stopped watching.

GMA is not a valid news source, it's a morning entertainment show that makes democrats/feminists feel good about themselves, and trys to explain/blame what's going on when they don't feel good about themselves.
Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.

dr e

Good post Christiane - look out looks like you are catching the mra virus.  Once you get it you can't get rid of it and you start seeing the hidden sexism of our culture everyplace you look.  Run before it's too late. :wink:

The guy must be related to chicken with a name like poulter.
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


You're watching GMA and expecting gender balance/equality?

Actually it was just on in the background while I was unloading the dishwasher     8)

Seriously, I agree with what you're saying, K9.   We all know the news is biased, it's easy to pick out, but this was way, way, way over the line.   And it's insulting to everyone, not just fathers.   I mean, if my daughter someday gets reprimanded by her boss, that's somehow her dad's fault instead of hers?   Like she will be so weak as to have no control over her own screw ups?   She'll always be a victim in the workplace until she can "overcome" the type father she had?   How insulting to her as well !  

Oprah needs to get this guy's show date booked.

And yes, Dr. E.,  *sigh*  I'm afraid the patient is already terminal....

My parents are arriving tomorrow for an extended visit, and I'm going to print this out for Dad to read.   But not until he's had his martini.

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