Started by manhoodsbliss, May 27, 2006, 07:20 AM

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IF, AND ONLY IF, I was really, really stupid, then I might venture to say that some persons of some gender or other like to start an argument and then change the subject, especially if glib answers are hard to come by. Since I'm not that stupid I won't. The board has tight rules.

If MHB wants to debate substance we'll provide the links and the stats. But if she wants to simply parade her feminist ideology she might get the appropriate abuse.
Whatever the outcome, it's refreshing. Somebody that we (ok me) thought was a 'troll beyond belief' turned out to be 'real' - as wild as it might seem!
MHB: Treat real, reality with the utmost care. It's in front of you.
'm an asylum seeker. Don't send me back.

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