Men who are stupid

Started by Amber, Sep 05, 2003, 02:13 PM

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Many women choose bad men for their boyfriends.  They pick some asshole, stay with him, then get hurt.  Then they decide all men are insensitive jerks, usually finding homes in feminism.

Men pick stupid women too.  They pick the bubbly dumb girl, who is an immoral piece of scum and only wants his money.  He gets hurt by it, so he becomes a misoygynist prick the way feminists are misandrist bitches.

Just as the woman thinks *all* men thus, are violent and abusive; the misogynist projects unto *all* women the trait of consumeristic exploitation.  He goes around advocating, like feminists advocate, to stay away from the mean nasty women.  Feminists are the anti-Romeos; he's the anti-Juliet.

Interesting, because these two personalities can't seem to get their hands off each other.  Feminists always seem to want assholes.  Misogynist men always seem to want feminists.  But, they are both stupid so the relationship never works.

Ho hum.  I guess both of them get what they deserve.

Too bad they are trying to bring the rest of society down to their level of stupidity.
he men's movement is a hate movement.  

What feminism is to men; the men's rights movement is to women.

Men's rights activists blame misandry for all their problems in the same way that feminists blame the patriarchy.

The only thing men's rights activists are good at is abusing women.  

And you can quote me on that.  :D


Actually I think what's happened is , feminism has given women a certain power advantage in many relationships.  Just like in the movie 'I am Sam' where the solution to Michele Pfiefer's husband's problems is to divorce him.  (Interesting how she's a lawyer).

So feminism gives women all the advantage in divorce with a push of a button.  Men get pissed off because they know it's a lie but can do nothing about it.

Men come home find their house locked to them and the cops waiting with a restraining order.  All of it completely out of nowhere for him.

This isn't to say men don't do their share of dirty deeds either. Handing in the first wife for a newer model is all to common.

But, the media, specifically shows, plays, movies, all repeat the same themes.  They repeat it so much that life immatates art.


Ironically I just got this in my email.  This prosecuter is saying the right thing here.  Thank god.

Woman admits false accusation
Fingered ex in 2002 violent assault

By SEAN McKIBBON, Ottawa Sun

Andre Tolkacz was bewildered, a court heard yesterday, when police woke him from a sound sleep at the Union Mission and arrested him on charges that he trashed his ex-girlfriend's house and violently assaulted her.

But police soon learned Tolkacz had every right to be bewildered. Nothing seemed to add up as the man, who was neatly dressed with no signs of scratches or blood, talked with police and protested his innocence.

Tolkacz was innocent.

Police were called to the house of Mary Brown, 32, on the night of Aug. 14, 2002, after a 911 call from a woman reporting that there was an intruder in her house, that the person had trashed the place and that she had fought with him.


Brown pleaded guilty yesterday to public mischief for falsely accusing Tolkacz, an accusation Crown prosecutor Debbie Hanscom said could easily have resulted in Tolkacz being jailed as a result of a zero-tolerance policy adhered to by police and prosecutors in domestic assault cases.

"Men are particularly vulnerable to false allegations of domestic assault," Hanscom said.

Tolkacz had a conviction, for domestic assault against Brown, quashed this summer and will have a retrial early next year, in part because of the false accusation.

Court heard that it was an open-minded approach by police and some quick thinking by Tolkacz that ferreted out the lie.

When police arrived at Brown's residence they were confronted with a "house in complete disarray," Hanscom said as she read in the facts of the case.

Police saw a fridge overturned, blood on the walls, glass and house plants on the floor, a TV and audio equipment pulled out of the wall, Brown with cuts on her arm and her two daughters terrified.

Brown initially said she didn't know who her attacker was, but then said she thought it was her ex-boyfriend. Her daughters, 10 and 7, corroborated the story by saying Tolkacz had come over that night. They gave a vivid account of waking up to the fighting.


But Tolkacz told police he hadn't seen Brown in a year and told them to ask her for a description.

A year ago, he had long hair. Now he had short hair and a goatee.

When police asked Brown, she gave a description of long hair and a scruffy face.

When confronted about the lie, "Miss Brown remained unco-operative and denied making a false allegation," said Hanscom.

Eventually, she did provide the name of her boyfriend at the time, Roy Woods, who police arrested the next day.

Woods pleaded guilty in connection with the incident on Nov. 12, 2002.

Brown's lawyer, Susan Richer, said her client felt pressured by police and didn't want to identify Woods, who had threatened her.

Justice James Fontana handed Brown a conditional discharge and one year of probation in consideration of her previously clean record.

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