In Defense of the Hollywood Blacklist

Started by Amber, Sep 05, 2003, 11:17 AM

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Letter to the Editor from the Ayn Rand Institute

Regarding the Michael Epstein documentary: "Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan and the
None Without Sin," (PBS, 9/3/03): the real "sin" was clearly that of the
writers and actors. This documentary is yet another attempt by the American left
to keep
alive the big lie that the blacklisted were innocent victims and unjustly
They were neither.

American citizens have the right to hold and express unpopular views, including
communist views. However, such freedom does not include the right to forcibly
the United States government. The American Communist Party was a secret
organization not
a political party.  And as the KGB archives prove, it was financed and directed
by the
Soviet Union, which made it an extension of Soviet foreign policy, and thus a
subject for congressional inquiry. Those who refused to "name names" had plenty
to hide.

The Hollywood blacklist was an economic boycott--a proper response to those with
one does not want to deal. There is no right to a job. And the ruined careers of
of American writers and actors is a just consequence of having aided and abetted
Soviet Union, which murdered thousands of Russian writers and millions of its

Jeff Britting
Ayn Rand Institute
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What feminism is to men; the men's rights movement is to women.

Men's rights activists blame misandry for all their problems in the same way that feminists blame the patriarchy.

The only thing men's rights activists are good at is abusing women.  

And you can quote me on that.  :D


How about how hollywood manufactures homosexuality.

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