Which board style should be the default for SYG?

Started by dr e, Jun 01, 2006, 02:44 PM

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Which style should be the default for SYG?

2 (16.7%)
1 (8.3%)
7 (58.3%)
1 (8.3%)
1 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closed: Jun 01, 2006, 02:44 PM

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dr e

Which board style should be the default for SYG?  You can change your board style in your profile to one of five possibilities. The options include:


There is a 6th style called PhpBBlite but it is meant for handhelds and even cell phones.  Of the five above which of those do you think would be the best default style?  IOW's the style that is automatically set when someone is browsing or logs in.

Thanks for the feedback.
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how it is configured today
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just a note, Dr Evil, as I recently found out - DesertStorm style does not have one of the fields (of a table) that is required during registration. I only found this out through routing around a good bit after a couple of users mentioned that they couldn't register...

It will depend on the version of phpBB you're using, but the desertstorm style is quite old and doesn't quite fit with newer installations...

So, just a heads-up for you.
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I state this not to be a smartass, but because I think my attitude might be somewhat common.

I don't care.

The content is what matters to me, as long as the format doesn't distract. (I won't mention all of the distracting, irritating flash on another sorta, kinda men's issues site.)
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I think all the current available forum templates are crap seriously.

I suggest these more decent templates:

Fi Subice




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The more conservitive and restrained the better.
The less ruffles and bunting the better.
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motifs are great for the kids. Stick with what seems to be very successful!!
I'd hate to see the packaging become the attraction.  

But then, I'm the one who's disappointed you have a smilies library.;)
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Thomas and CaptDMO are so with it. It's what's inside that really counts.

However, if Dr Evil has an interest in experimenting with web content then I'm 100% for it. As the landlord, if he thinks a new coat of paint is warranted then so be it.


Why can't I ever vote in these polls?? They always appear to be "closed" whenever I go into the thread that's posted a poll, and all I ever see is the results. I can never vote. What am I doing wrong?

Re: any new look. I like the current look, too. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Also, I can't see a very big difference in one of the styles that Tyrael posted. I think one of the ones he posted is a little bit sleeker, cleaner. But, like someone else said, this is the mod's house. If he wants a new coat of paint, go right ahead.


I say leave well enough alone.  Content is what is important in a forum, not flash.

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I agree with CaptDMO's father........... :D
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Who cares, I am here to learn not to check out the cool pics or groovy colors.

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