Why affirmative action isn't a good idea

Started by Mr. X, Jun 05, 2006, 02:12 PM

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A few months ago a prisoner overpowered a female deputy and murdered a judge (and maybe some other folks) as he escaped from the courthouse.

The news asked the same question - is affirmative action putting unsuitable tiny women in jobs that should have a size and strength requirement?

---Edit, this was in the Atlanta area
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Here is a good book by Thomas Sowell.  I like his books.  Many of them approachable, but intelectually rigerous.  

"Affirmative Action Around the World : An Empirical Study" (Yale Nota Bene S.) (Paperback)


Covers civil disasters around the world, which were at least partially caused by affirmative action.
 woman needs a man like a fish needs water


Quote from: "Pernicious"
But seriously, 5'4" sounds just about right for delivering a nightstick to the kneecap.

Whereas a bigger guy may have been able to subdue her without any problems, and less damage on both the police officer, it would mean that she would have to resort to using a weapon to do the same thing. Also means that she would be more likely to go for her pistol as well.

Can't find it now but there was a study(last year) on the impact of increasing numbers of women in US police forces. Apparently the rate of police shootings increases 4% for every 1% increase in the proportion of women officers.

Arguably, with increasing numbers of policewomen, we are not only less safe from offenders we are also less safe from the police themselves.
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A female officer on cops the other night arrested a crack dealer.
She bend over in front of him after opening the door and with no cuffs on she was constantly leaving herself open to his attack.
Now he didn't try anything but if would have wanted to he had several easy opportunites to bust her and run.  He could have eaily killed her as she was so careless.

She finally got him near the hood of the car to search him and he wasn't minding her,  it took her about 2 minutes to say what a man would say in three seconds "move again and I'll add resisting arrest charges."
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